Pelosi blames inflation on wrong conflict — Analysis

As Democrats seek to dodge responsibility, the House Speaker blamed rising costs on the “war in Iraq”

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives claimed that Thursday’s coronavirus pandemic was now under control. “war in Iraq”they are to blame for the high cost of living in the US. Pelosi’s own office corrected her statement to read “Ukraine,”She echoes the words of fellow Democrats.

In the US, 8.6% was the annual inflation rate for May. This is the highest since 1981. Fuel and food costs are on the rise, with this week’s average gasoline price exceeding $5. According to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, 83% of Americans rate the country’s economic state as poor or “not so good.”

Pelosi spoke at the weekly press briefing Thursday and described inflation as an issue of supply, shipping bottlenecks.

“Look we have the war in Iraq, we have Covid which has, uh … really deterred more product coming into our country,”She spoke to reporters.

A transcript of the speech was posted on Pelosi’s website shortly afterwards, with “Iraq”Replacing by “[Ukraine].” 

Pelosi is not the first political figure to confuse the conflict in Ukraine with the US’ combat mission in Iraq, which began with a full-scale invasion in 2003 and formally concluded with the withdrawal of combat troops last December. Former President George W. Bush infamously referred to Russia’s operation in Ukraine last month as the “unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq – I mean of Ukraine.”

George Bush’s Iraq slip when slamming Putin is perfect irony

Nor is Pelosi the first Democrat to blame the US’ cratering economy on the situation in Ukraine. This expression was previously used by Pelosi, the House Speaker. “Putin’s price hike”She attempted to put inflation at the Russian president by mirroring President Joe Biden’s rhetoric. Biden has also been criticized for blaming rising food prices on monopolies in shipping and meat packaging, as well as high fuel prices.

But conservatives claim that Washington has the final say and they have charged Biden with sabotaging domestic energy production through executive orders to shut down pipelines or forbid drilling. Biden, they argue, has devalued and passed on the costs to consumers by increasing the US budget from nearly $6 trillion to $1.9 trillion.

Pelosi arguedIt was predicted that higher government spending would be a positive thing earlier in the year. “the exact reverse”Inflation is on the rise. Larry Summers was an economist advisor to President Barack Obama and is known as the American Rescue Plan. “the least responsible macroeconomic policy we’ve had in the last 40 years.”

The US inflation rate has risen sharply since Biden took office last January, soaring from an average of 1.4% in December 2020 to 7% in December 2021, two months before Russia’s military operation in Ukraine began. The average price of gas rose to $2.28 per gallon from December 2020, and then went up to $3.40 one year later.

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