ClearObject IBM ELM Managed Services Improve Product Development

Engineering lifecycle management (ELM) is a solution from IBM that is designed to enhance each of the underlying applications that support it. To make these capabilities more transparent, IBM renamed them, focusing on those development aspects that most affect engineering teams. 

Benefits of IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject

Because IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject are designed to maximize the benefits and value provided by the IBM ELM Product, ClearObject’s clients enjoy an array of benefits throughout the lifecycle, allowing them to:

  • Take advantage of the latest in agile systems engineering.
  • Meet the requirements regarding process, audit, regulatory, compliance, and reporting.
  • Meet critical safety standards with compliance.
  • Support large-scale collaboration.
  • Integrate analytics and AI effectively.
  • Enjoy robust engineering on an enterprise scale.
  • Support processes at multiple speeds.
  • Manage the complexity of engineering systems.
  • Automate both traceability and transparency.
  • Support increasing complexity while driving constant improvements in processes.
  • Strategically drive reuse.
  • Promote both individual and broad ecosystem customization using open standards.
  • Enable maintenance of the truth as a single source.
  • Promote the use of customer insights and operational data to spur improvements in engineering decisions.

Additionally, ClearObject goes beyond managed services for IBM ELM, so clients benefit from:

  • ClearObject’s secure and direct relationship with IBM support.
  • Automated patching and upgrades, which result in consistently positive support outcomes.
  • Product-specific monitoring to prevent issues.
  • Extensive security is made possible by a single-tenant virtual private cloud.
  • Continuous research and adherence to best practices.

Fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) IBM ELM Managed Services by ClearObject provide clients with a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to their product development lifecycle and the data that is retrieved from their efforts. 

  • Requirements

The requirements management aspect provides the support and resources necessary for clients as they straddle different supply chains, time zones, and disciplines. 

  • Systems Design

With AI making engineering and connectivity more complex than ever before, the systems design component must reflect these changes. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) manages this complexity while also controlling for risk more effectively. 

  • Test Management

Testing is a vital aspect of any successful product delivery. By combining innovative planning and management solutions, quality is maintained throughout the process. 

  • Workflow Management

Quality and consistency during accelerated development can only be maintained by managing workflow effectively, regardless of disciplines, supply chains, and time zones. 

More About ClearObject

ClearObject is a digital transformation leader supporting IoT engineering and analytics customers across the globe. The company has over 10 years’ experience providing hosting and managed services to customers who depend upon engineering and software lifecycle management tools. Their services allow customers to maximize the investment in their tools and focus on building innovative products and services. Do what you do best. They’ll do the rest.

Key Advantages:

  • The expert team ensures secure, up to date and high performing environments with 99.9% availability and constant monitoring.
  • ClearObject’s 24x7x365 team responds to high severity incidents and unplanned outages.
  • The company is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring they deliver secure and consistent services.
  • ClearObject is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, an IBM Gold partner, and the only managed service provider worldwide for IBM SaaS.
  • ClearObject delivers reliable and quality services through automation.
  • The company uses industry-leading monitoring and analytics tools to proactively manage your environments.

ClearObject has been the recipient of numerous awards – both within the workspace and the IT/engineering space. The company:

  • Was nominated as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana.
  • Received the Scale-Up Company of the Year Award from TechPoint’s Mira Awards.
  • Was named one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by Inc 500.
  • Won the Entrepreneur 360 Best Company award.

ClearObject is dedicated to its clients and performs constant monitoring functions to prevent issues proactively. By implementing and deploying the applicable upgrades and patches, the company has finished numerous successful projects for some of today’s best-known brands. With cutting-edge security features and constant research mechanisms, ClearObject supports, enhances, and advances its clients in ways that ensure their continued success – now and long into the future.

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