After Launching The HTC Desire 19+ in Taiwan, HTC Is Looking to Comeback in India

Did you miss HTC? Then we have good news for you! HTC is soon going to be back in action with its newly launched smartphone in India. They made specific announcements in the social media related to its possible comeback. HTC is a Taiwanese company and is known for producing some good quality smartphones in the market. The company has also suggested that people can expect them to come up with the new Desire 19+ in India after launching it in Taiwan. They announced that it is going to be a comeback in India since it is the first smartphone from the company will be launched in India after a long break journey. It has been almost a year since HTC showed its face in the Indian market and smartphones were Desire 12 and Desire 12+ came into view back in June last year.

They showed the official teaser where you can find the new HTC phone features a water drop-style display notch which you can find on the Desire 19+. It has not talked about its pricing details or the potential launch date in India. HTC posted on their official Twitter account a teaser video that highlights the company’s journey so far in the smartphone market. They showed up everything starting from their new touch phone that arrived in 2007 to its last launched telephone in India, HTC 10 2016.

The new one will feature optical image stabilization (OIS) in both front and back cameras. And at the end of the video, the teaser gave a glimpse of water drop-style display notch that we are expecting could be the new Desire 19+. It is the same phone which they launched in Taiwan in June this year.


Sarah Ruth

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