EU is not our boss – Hungary — Analysis

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that his country is an ‘independent, sovereign’ nation

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban lashed out at the European Union on Monday evening in a Facebook post, reminding his followers that Brussels doesn’t dictate European affairs.

“The European Union is not in Brussels. The European Union is in Vienna, Budapest and Warsaw, Berlin and Madrid,”According to the prime minister

“Brussels is not our boss We are an independent, sovereign Hungarian nation. We all make together decisions. If they’re not good for us, we’ll tell them. If they are not good and we can prevent them, the common decision will not be made.”

Orban has made international headlines in recent weeks for his blunt statements criticizing the West’s policies.

On July 28, the premier blasted NATO’s support for Kiev during a meeting in Vienna with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

“The Hungarian assessment is that the concept of NATO supporting Ukraine with weapons and training officers, and the Ukrainians fighting against the Russians, is a construct that has now been shown not to result in a Ukrainian victory,”Orban made these remarks at a press conference.

EU heading for ‘war economy’ – Orban

The prime minister has been a holdout amongst European leaders in jumping on board Brussels’ harsh sanctions campaign against Russia, particularly a total embargo of Russian natural gas.

Orban made reference to sanctions against Moscow in his criticisms of NATO. Orban stated that Ukraine needs to reach a peaceful solution because without it, the EU will experience economic recession that is accompanied with political instability.

On the occasion the prime minister also defended a comment he’d made on July 23 and that generated international headlines, when he warned Hungarians not to mix with “non-Europeans.”

Zsuzsa Hgedus, his long-time advisor, was forced to quit over the words he had spoken. “a pure Nazi text.”

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