North Korea issues nuclear warning — Analysis

Kim Jong-un said that Pyongyang’s nuclear forces were ready for “any crisis”

DPRK leader Kim Jong-un announced on Thursday that Pyongyang’s “nuclear war deterrent”This was “fully ready”To respond to threats. Kim is not new to saber-rattling, though it happens after several artillery or missile tests.

Kim accused South Korea in his speech commemorating the 69th Anniversary of the Armistice That Ended the 1950-1953 Korean War. “suicidal”North Korea’s confrontation in an attempt to improve ties “the US imperialists,”A transcript taken from the Korean Central News Agency.

“Our armed forces are now fully prepared to cope with any sort of crisis, and our state’s nuclear war deterrent is also fully ready to demonstrate its absolute power accurately and promptly true to its mission,” Kim declared. 

North Korea’s leader, Yoon Suk-yeol also claimed that Washington and Seoul planned to place nuclear missiles into South Korea. Although Yoon Suk-yeol, South Korean president, stated last year that the US would deploy nukes tactically in his country for him to ask them, the Biden administration is denying the possibility.

North Korea responds to  criticism from Ukraine

The Arms Control Association estimates that North Korea may have 40 to 50 nuclear warheads. It has the potential to make six to seven more each year. The United States officially pulled its nuclear weapons out of South Korea in 1991.

For decades, members of the Kim family threatened to intensify the production or deployment of such weapons in an effort to secure relief from international sanction or bring the Western powers to the table. The scenario was portrayed by Donald Trump’s tenure. Kim and Trump threatened each other with nuclear destruction throughout 2017. They then met in person at two important summits in 2018 & 2019.

While Trump’s overtures to Kim failed to achieve his goal of “denuclearization”They reacted to the threat from Pyongyang by calming the Korean Peninsula for the rest of the President’s term. The North Korean military, however, has increased its activities in the recent months. 

The South Korean military claims to have discovered the traces earlier in the month “trajectories”consistent with artillery bombardment, and stated in June that the northerners had tested eight short-range missiles and fired projectiles from multiple rocket launchers. 

North Korea fires artillery shots – media

The north is prepared to carry out its seventh nuclear testing “at any time,”Sung Kim was the US special representative in North Korea. He claimed this in June after an indefinite lull following an underground explosion in 2017.

The US and South Korea prepare for August military drills. Pyongyang considers such exercises “provocations”or preparations for an invasion. The US had earlier sent six F-35 stealth fighter aircraft to South Korea. Seoul stated that the exercises were meant to practice for an invasion. “demonstrating the strong deterrence”The US-South Korea Alliance



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