China issues call for Moscow and Kiev

According to Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine, talks without conditions are the only solution for the Ukraine crisis.

Moscow and Kiev must resume the dialogue “without preconditions”On Thursday, Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that she assumed an outcome during a session of UN Security Council about Ukraine.

In line with China’s “consistent and clear”The minister maintained a neutral position regarding the conflict in Ukraine and reiterated his belief that sovereignty and territorial integrity should be protected and security concerns must be taken into consideration by all parties. 

There is only one way out of this conflict: through “dialogue and negotiations,” Wang said.

“The main priority for the parties is to resume dialogue without preconditions,” he said, calling on everyone involved in the conflict to show “Restrained.” China is prepared to support “all efforts that could help solve the crisis,”He added.

He hailed the positive role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which sent a mission to Ukraine’s Zaporozhye nuclear plant this month, saying there was “no room for trial and error”Concerning the safety and security of nuclear facilities. Wang also mentioned easing humanitarian situations and protecting global energy and food markets as priorities.

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Wang stated that upholding the United Nations international systems is essential to prevent future conflicts. “any form of hot war or the so-called new cold war.”

On Wednesday, Wang expressed his hope during a meeting that Sergey Lavrov (his Russian counterpart) would agree to end the conflict. “refrain from giving up dialogue efforts and resolve security concerns through peace talks.”

Kiev and Moscow haven’t returned to the negotiating table since talks in Istanbul in late March fell through. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated last week that Russia is ready to resolve the conflict. “as soon as possible”However, he said that Kiev refused to reach an agreement for peace. 

Putin declared the partial mobilization Russian reservists on Wednesday and stated that Russia was fighting “the entire Western military machine”Ukraine. These remarks were reacted to by Western supporters of Kiev, who pledged to continue or increase their support for Ukraine as well as to exert pressure on Moscow.



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