New Zealand to help with Ukrainian military intelligence — Analysis

To help fellow colleagues in Belgium, the UK and Ireland, nine officers will be dispatched by the island nation.

Premier Jacinda Ardern, of New Zealand, announced Monday that New Zealand will assist European allies with gathering intelligence about the Russian military operations in Ukraine.

New Zealand’s Defense Force will be using its resources for three months in support of the UK and other European countries. “taking advantage of the time zone difference to help with key tasks during their night time and our day time,”After a Cabinet meeting, Ardern spoke to the media.

The island nation’s ministers have decided to immediately deploy nine officers to the UK and Belgium “to assist with the heightened demand for intelligence assessments”She said this amid the conflict in Ukraine.

Five of those experts will monitor satellite imagery, while the rest will be tasked with enhancing Wellington’s understanding of the activities of its allies and NATO relating to the crisis, the PM added.

New Zealand contributed previously $5 million towards the NATO Trust Fund. The Fund provides fuel, military communications, first aid kits, and support for civilians who have been affected by conflict in Ukraine.

New Zealand sanctions Putin

Wellington also joined the international sanctions on Moscow. They target more than 456 Russian people and entities. “We know that sanctions globally have been making it harder for the Russian regime to fund its war… New Zealand is playing its part,”Ardern stated.

Russia sent its troops into Ukraine over a month ago, following a seven-year standoff over Kiev’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements, and Russia’s eventual recognition of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. These protocols, which were French and German-brokered, had been created to regulate the state of these regions in the Ukrainian government.

Russia now demands that Ukraine declare itself neutral and vows to not join NATO’s military bloc. Kiev claims that the Russian invasion was unprovoked. It also denied claims that it planned to take the republics forcefully.



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