CDC says avoid cruise ships, regardless of vaccine status — Analysis

Omicron is a risky cruise vacation, according to the US Health Agency.

American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention raised their travel warning to the highest level and warned Americans that they should “escape cruise ships regardless of whether or not they have been vaccinated.” This was due to an increase in Covid.

The CDC increased its Level 4 travel warning regarding cruise ships on Thursday. Due to an increased number of coronavirus-related cases in cruise passengers, the CDC advised that “even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading Covid-19 variants.”

Prospective travelers are advised to “avoid cruise travel, regardless of vaccination status,”This warning applies to those who received booster shots or initial Covid doses.

Super-luxurious cruise ship blocked from 2 ports over Covid outbreak

Record numbers of Covid-19-related cases have been reported in the US. The CDC currently observes 91 cruise ship outbreaks and is investigating.

The coronavirus epidemic and subsequent lockdowns devastated the cruise industry, but it has seen a revival this year. Some cruise lines required that passengers show proof of vaccination before they could sail. The jabs haven’t stopped Covid outbreaks on board, however, with infections striking a fully-vaccinated cruise out of New Orleans and another sailing from Florida this month. Two islands in the Caribbean were responsible for the ship’s deportment after an outbreak of Covid among the crew on the Florida cruise.

The CDC’s warning does not force cruise operators to cancel sailings. The agency advises passengers who decide to sail despite the warning to be vaccinated and to wear a mask while onboard. They also recommend that they get checked before, during, and after the voyage.

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