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Helen Lee Schifter believes that balance is important, especially when living in a fast-paced city like New York City. She has a home in Long Island that she likes to escape to on the weekends. Helen also believes that it is important to have a way to escape mentally when she physically cannot leave the city. She began reading ancient Chinese and Japanese poetry, which led her to begin her studies in Zen Buddhism. From there, she discovered Chado; which is a Japanese tea ceremony. This ceremony provides a spiritual experience and is considered to be a physical manifestation of Buddhist philosophy. She practices the Chado tea ceremony with her sensei. It is important that the ceremony not be rushed, that the performers of the ceremony take their time to really benefit from the ceremony. The slow pace allows the performers to really connect and reflect within themselves.

She is also a big advocate for meditation. She believes it is important to schedule some time every day to disconnect from the world and to get back in touch with oneself through meditation. Sheis also a big advocate for yoga. She has incorporated the practice into her daily schedule as well. She believes the balance between physical and mental health is important. She also practices Jin Shin Jyutsu which allows for her to experience a quick release from tension when she is unable to escape from the responsibilities of her daily life. When she is at her Long Island home, another activity she loves to do is go jogging with her husband. She has mentioned that she feels connected with nature and with her husband when they jog together. She also enjoys going on hikes with her husband and her friends when the weather is ideal. Her favorite time of year to hike is during the autumn season, she enjoys the cool breeze.

Helen Schifter has a diverse career portfolio. She started out as a trader on Wall Street. She went into interior design and explored a career in health and wellness. She also had a career as an editor for Hearst and Condé Nast. She writes a daily blog on health and wellness as well. She believes that most adults that work in corporate America experience extreme fatigue and burnout because they are driven by career-motivated goals. She believes that people should focus on their physical and mental health as their main priorities, which will lead to success in other aspects of life, such as career driven success. That is why she spends her free time focusing on her own mental and physical health and writes to help others achieve overall health as well.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, she spent a lot of her free time going to events with her husband. They have been seen together at events like fashion shows and sporting events. Since the pandemic has cancelled all large events, she spends her time at either her New York City apartment or her Long Island home.


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