Scare Off Your Competitors This Halloween With Durable Boxes

Halloween is a time for fun, spooky costumes, and in this crazy world of ours, it’s a great chance to frighten the living daylights out of your competitors. Get the jump on your rivals this year by building the rigid boxes and making everything else look downright silly. While this box is more effective at scaring your competitors away from your door, it doesn’t really make sense from an aesthetics standpoint or a marketing one. It’s just so massive. This box would probably be a good freebie for your website during the holiday rush, but it’s not something your customers would want to carry around with them.

Thrive the Business with Unique Packaging

If you want your business to thrive this Halloween, you’re going to have to choose small business packaging ideas. Boxes are one of the first things potential small customers notice, and that’s why using hard boxes compartments offers so many advantages: they are sturdier than standard cardboard boxes, they don’t bend or warp easily, and they are easier to assemble, making it possible to ship out your products faster than ever before.

Spook your business with unique designs

This year, you don’t have to wear a scary costume or carry a prop for them to get freaked out. Spook them away from your brand before they even open it by designing one of the amazing packaging boxes.

Create a unique box design that will stand out in stores this October. For example, create an illusion of depth by offsetting sections on the front and back panels. So, get creative with shadows by drawing spooky images and printing them onto your box. Finally, put their logo on an eggshell or attach it to barbed wire. 

 Don’t Give Them Any Detail 

Make sure all information about what’s inside is hidden on the sides and back panels. Use printed text for this process to ensure everything is legible. If people can’t read anything about what’s inside then they’ll think twice about picking up your package off the shelf.

Be Scary but Cute

Design the packaging so that it looks cute but has some serious spine-chilling features. An example might be a group of jack-lanterns sitting around a pumpkin patch while bats fly overhead, but when opened the box contains scary-looking skeletons with animated eyes.

Slap Some 3D Magic on It 

Slap some 3D magic on your packaging and make customers feel like they’re actually opening something truly worth waiting for! A great way to do this is through paper-cutting techniques. Use scissors to cut tabs, turn flaps into tabs, or fold creases so that when you pull down, something pops up as if popping out of thin air.

Hide It under a Blanket

Hide your product under a blanket of frosty snowflakes made out of white tissue paper. Replace Traditional Packaging Material with Something More Unique. Replace traditional packaging material such as bubble wrap, and different types of material inserts.

Rank Your Product with Inexpensive Durable Packaging

Are you looking to create some jitters in the ranks of your competitors this Halloween? If so, then rigid packaging is the perfect way to do it! They’re both versatile and inexpensive and can be used to create eves to scare off your competitors! Rything from monster hands to frightening faces. In fact, sturdy boxes are so versatile that they can even be used to deliver gifts at several festivals.

 How You Can Use the Durable Box

Durable boxes are an excellent way to make sure your products or goods stay safe on the way to your destination. Also, if you want to trick someone this Halloween, the best way is by putting them inside a box and sending them to their house! In fact, you can use sustainable boxes to scare off your competition this Halloween.

Grab the Customers with Unique Packaging 

Scaring off your competitors this Halloween season doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right tools at your disposal! And, these boxes might just be what you need to win more customers than ever before. These boxes are custom and can be whatever shape you want them to be, so they’re perfect for Halloween products, especially something like candy corn or other Halloween treats!

Create the Perfect Box to Scare Away Your Competitors and Make More Money This Halloween

The way you package your products may have a big impact on sales. Think about other companies that have come before you. All the companies market their products using beautiful packaging that gives consumers an exclusive feeling and compels them to buy. As you think of your business packaging, also consider incorporating modern and unusual materials such as boxes to differentiate yourself from other businesses in your industry. While it is unlikely that any company can keep itself hidden forever, spooking off competitors this season might just be enough for some time for you to stake out a solid business footing. 

6 Ways to Scare off Competition This Halloween

1.     Use clear windows to show customers what’s inside without actually opening the box. 

2.     Create a gradient effect by folding different papers together, color contrasts are always attention grabbers.

3.     If you want to get really creative try utilizing unexpected shapes like pyramids and cubes. 

4.     Try painting one side of the box a vibrant color to create visual interest.

5.     Paint something on the front of your box

6.     Change up fonts


Halloween may not be the spookiest holiday of the year, but that doesn’t mean your business should neglect it! This year, give consumers a fright by sending them some creative mail-from cardboard boxes that resemble coffins to envelopes covered in spider webs and more. However, you will cross the other competitors with the use of hard boxes to secure the packaging of the product and make them unique. In this blog you know many ways to scare off the competition this Halloween with unique box designs.



Helen is a multi-published, award-winning author of over 30 books, including the delightful Ivy & Bean series. She has written novels for young adults, including YA romantic comedies, and has written BBC drama.

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