Musk pits billionaires against politicians — Analysis

The world’s richest man asked whether his followers trust government officials over the wealthy

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, asked people on social media whether they believe politicians are better than billionaires. The viral poll drew more than 1,000,000 votes within hours. Most of them expressed doubt in the legitimacy and competence of their elected representatives.

The tech entrepreneur – himself a billionaire who frequently trades places with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos as world’s richest man – took to Twitter on Thursday night to pose the question to followers, asking “Who do you trust less?”While offering options “politicians”And “billionaires.”

The ad-hoc poll garnered over 1.5 million votes at the time of writing. It was heavily biased against the government with 77% of respondents saying they believe their leaders more than those who are super-rich. 

Musk was later known for her frequent Twitter antics. prodded Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to create a similar poll, ‘daring’ her to ask her own followers the same question.

Despite the landslide results of Musk’s social media poll, however, many commenters expressed disdainFor bothSome politicians and billionaires are also included. arguingThe two types are frequently grouped together work toward the same goals

“Trick question: the politicians are bought by and work for the rich. They’re synonymous,” wroteNina Turner is a progressive activist and served as the National Co-chair for Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign.

Musk has repeatedly grabbed headlines in recent weeks amid negotiations to purchase Twitter for $44 billion, though that deal recently hit roadblocks after the SpaceX founder raised concerns about the number of bots and spam accounts that comprise the platform’s total user base. Musk has called for a recount. The site later admitted its figures were not independently verified.

Bill Gates paid millions to derail Elon Musk’s plans – media

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