Texas Gunman Kills 2, and Wounds 3 Police Officers

HALTOM CITY, Texas — A gunman killed two people and wounded four others, including three police officers, before taking his own life in a home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, police said Sunday.

Haltom City Police det. Matt Spillane confirmed that no one was seriously injured in the Saturday night shooting at a neighborhood home.

Spillane stated that officers fired back after being shot at during a response to gunshots from the house at 6:45 pm. Spillane claimed one officer sustained injuries in his legs while the other was shot in the arm. He died from an apparent self-inflicted shotgunshot wound.

He said the Texas Rangers — the state’s elite police force — would take over the investigation. The motive behind the attack was unclear at this time. The names of those involved have not been released by authorities.

“The main focus is on how and why this happened,” Spillane told The Associated Press.

One woman died in her home, while the body of a male victim was discovered outside. Rick Alexander spoke at a late Saturday news conference. He said that a woman who dialed 911 had also been injured.

The suspect was found with a “military-style rifle” and a handgun, Alexander said.

It is the latest incident of law enforcement officers being fired upon in responding to calls.

While serving a warrant, three officers in eastern Kentucky were gunned down. After hours of negotiations at Allen, a tiny town in Appalachia’s hills, police took the 49-year old man into custody. The $10 million bond that he was held on charges of two murders of police officers still holds him.

Police Superintendent David Brown stated that a Chicago officer who answered a domestic disturbance complaint was repeatedly shot in the head in an attack on Friday morning. One suspect was taken to hospital.

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