3 Ways to Save Money When Buying Commercial Aviation Parts

Commercial aviation parts are expensive but crucial to running a successful airline. To stay profitable, every dollar counts. That’s why it is all the more important to look for ways to save money on commercial aviation parts when possible.

1. Shop the Aftermarket

Aftermarket parts are typically far less expensive than factory-new parts. Non-factory direct planes and parts vendors are the best places to find inexpensive savings. A good rule of thumb is that an aftermarket part costs 50% less than a new, factory-fresh part. They are lightly used, but they are not viewed negatively. These parts are cheaper because they have already been used and extensively tested under the same conditions your plane will be operating in. The AAIP (Association of Aviation Inventory Parts) has even established standards for what it considers “good usage” to guarantee reliable replacement aircraft parts for commercial aviation needs. As long as you can verify that you are getting an AAIP-approved part, there is no reason to pay the full price for a new part.

2. Look for Special Discounts

There are many ways to find discounts on commercial aviation parts, but the easiest is to look around. You’ll know you are getting a great deal when the price seems low, and they make things easy for you, like giving an automatic discount if you buy a certain quantity of parts. Other ways to save money are by asking your local aviation club or an instructor if they have any special deals on parts, asking around at gas stations or local shops for factory price sheets for your part’s manufacturer, and going online to look at prices from various parts websites.

3. Shop for Reconditioned Aircrafters

Aircraft are commercial aircraft parts with a few simple but essential distinctions: they are used parts (even if the plane is brand new), have been “reconditioned” to meet FAA standards, and are usually relatively reasonably priced. They are easily recognizable in your local aviation shops because they will be coming back from their owners to their shop for maintenance and repair, or you will see a sign of that nature on the airplane. When looking for reconditioned parts at an aviation shop, ask which brands or models of reconditioned avionics are trusted. Moreover, it is always recommended to buy reconditioned avionics from a reputable company. Due to their relatively low price, most of these suppliers have been in the reconditioning business for a long time and have a good reputation. They also have built relationships with their customers, which will help you in an emergency when you need them to repair your aircraft’s avionics system.

Finding ways to save money on commercial aviation parts is essential for any airline, and the above techniques can be easy and effective. The more you try, the more you can save. And if you want even more savings, many manufacturers will offer more significant discounts on bulk orders. It’s important to purchase quality aviation products at a great price instead of sacrificing on quality. Quality is very important.



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