Migrants sew their mouths shut — Analysis

It aims at persuading Mexico to permit the protesters access to the US through the action

Undocumented migrants from Central and South America have sewn their mouths shut in a bid to persuade Mexico’s authorities to grant them passage to the US border. In shocking footage and photos, several people were seen helping one another to seal their lips with plastic thread and needles. This was captured in Tapachula in southern Chiapas. Some were even carrying their children.

The demonstrators said they were frustrated that they had to wait for months before Mexico’s Institute of Migration (INM) would even consider their visa claims.

“[The Mexican immigration agency] gave me an appointment in three or four months and I don’t have the money to stay that many days,” Venezuelan Rafael Hernández said, as quoted by local media.

Illegal aliens vanish after being released into US

The INM has expressed concern over migrants’ “exposure to self-harm,”The lip suture is called. “a senseless action,”That is sure to cause harm. “physical and psychological integrity”Witnesses to these events. These acts are also considered an attempt to “putting pressure”It. The Chiapas immigration office said it continued to complete the procedures “with care,”Prioritizing the most vulnerable group, including children and pregnant women, as well as people with disabilities.

Mexico witnessed a dramatic increase in asylum requests last year. 108.195 applications were received from January through October 2021, as compared with 41.004 in 2020, and 70.346 in 2019. 

The majority of applications – 72%, according to July figures of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid – are in Chiapas state.

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