Washington’s hysteria about Chinese hypersonic missile threat is just an excuse for its own military expansion, says Beijing — RT World News

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has claimed the US is hyping up talk of China’s hypersonic technology after a recent missile test so it can justify its own military expansion and further its hegemony.

Speaking on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Beijing firmly opposed the US continuously exaggerating the “China threat theory.” He stated that Beijing’s only interest was self-defense, and claimed it would not engage in a nuclear arms race with any country. 

“China’s development of necessary military capabilities is entirely to safeguard its legitimate national security interests. The growth of China’s power is the growth of peaceful forces,” he said, adding that no country would have to fight Chinese forces if they did not threaten Beijing’s sovereignty.

Wang said that the US was simply trying to create another reason to increase its military power, and to gain an absolute security advantage through the hypersonic rocket launches from China.

He said US officials were creating their own narrative through talking up Chinese technological advances while ignoring the fact that Washington has the world’s largest and most advanced nuclear arsenal and has to invest trillions of dollars to upgrade its nuclear triad – a reference to the US’ three methods of deploying nuclear weapons: from land, submarine and air. also available
China offers a convenient and economical way to travel to the outer space: China responded to US claims of launching a hypersonic rocket.

The spokesman added that the US continued to push its cold-war mentality, and its lack of commitment to nuclear disarmament treaties was clear – he noted Washington’s withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and the Intermediate-Range Missile Treaty.

According to reports, China has conducted a test for a hypersonic weapon that was capable of circumnavigating the earth in eight days. On Saturday, Robert Wood, America’s disarmament ambassador said that Washington had been informed. “very concerned.” 

Wood stated that the US has “held back” from pursuing hypersonic weapons and that Washington would have to respond to these developments, noting Russia’s recent developments in this field as well. “We just don’t know how we can defend against that type of technology. Neither does China or Russia,”He admitted it.

Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed that Monday’s much-hyped trial wasn’t real. “routine spacecraft test”You can evaluate the potential for reusable technology within rockets. “This is of great significance for reducing the cost of the spacecraft. Peaceful use of space allows for a simple and affordable way to travel.” Zhao stated. 

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