Manhunt for ‘armed & dangerous’ suspect after decapitated body found in southern France — RT World News

A man has been found “beheaded and eviscerated” in the southeastern French commune of Bollène. The suspect is believed to be dangerously armed, and police are conducting a search for him.

The macabre murder took place in the Vaucluse district of the famed Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur tourist region. 

The Vaucluse Gendarmes warned that the suspect had been armed and posted a photo of the suspect to social media. They also ordered residents not to confront the suspect. According to an official source, the incident could have been a terrorist attack. “not absolute at this stage of the inquiry.”

Bollène’s mayor, Anthony Zilio, described the suspect as “unstable”He informed his Facebook followers that he believed he was hiding in the local woods, an area called Barry.

Local media reports that the helicopter and a team of police dogs were deployed in the region to assist with the search.

According to the Carpentras public prosecutor, there was no evidence of such a thing. “blood everywhere” According to France Bleu, the suspect was at the scene. This report, along with others, suggested that the suspect might be related to victim and could have been upset by the body on Wednesday. He fled. also available
A LIE led to a French teen being executed. French teen whose story of schoolteacher & Prophet Mohammed cartoons led to his murder wasn’t even in class

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