Massive fire consumes mall in Mediterranean port city (VIDEOS) — Analysis

Officials said that the Alexandria fire was caused by a faulty air conditioner.

Alexandria was rocked by flames on Saturday as a shopping centre collapsed. The smoke rose up from the structure and was visible over the coast. On video, officials captured the destruction, which they blamed on an AC unit.

Erem News reported that the flames started in an area near the City Center Alexandria Mall and then spread to other parts. 

Video footage shot from the mall’s parking lot showed the building’s roof on fire, as smoke poured into the sky.

Egypt’s interior ministry added shortly afterwards that the fire had been contained with no loss of life. Examiners discovered that the cause of the fire was an air conditioning unit installed on the roof. It then spread to one of its entrances.

According to the governor of Alexandria, two people suffered injuries from the fire: one broke a leg while running away while another was inhaled smoke.

A week earlier, 41 people were also killed in a fire at Cairo’s Coptic Church. According to the interior ministry, the fire was caused by an electrical fault. Christians blame discriminatory regulations that prevented renovations of churches in this predominantly Muslim nation.

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