Man taken off heart transplant list over Covid-19 jab — Analysis

A 31-year-old man has been taken off the waiting list for a heart transplant because he won’t take a Covid-19 jab, Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts has confirmed. 

Harvard University’s teaching hospital stated that it had followed the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations to have the jab along with the recommendation of the CDC. “lifestyle behaviors”Transplant candidates “to create both the best chance for a successful operation and to optimize the patient’s survival after transplantation, given that their immune system is drastically suppressed.”

“Patients are not active on the waitlist without this,”According to a spokesperson from the hospital, this was reported by The New York Post.

According to GoFundMe, DJ Ferguson had to be hospitalized after his lungs became clogged with fluid and blood due to an hereditary issue. He then needed surgery due to three blood clots in his legs, which almost didn’t happen due to the state’s moratorium on “elective”Procedures based on Covid-19 restrictions 

His father David Ferguson told Boston’s WBZ-TV that DJ “doesn’t believe”In the Covid-19 jab. “against his basic principles.”

“I think my boy is fighting pretty damn courageously and he has integrity and principles he really believes in and that makes me respect him all the more,” David said. “It’s his body. It’s his choice.”

According to Tuesday’s update to the fundraiser, Ferguson’s refusal is based on the fact that he simply can’t afford potential heamassnews.complications due to the jab’s known side effects, as he is at “extremely high risk of sudden death”If his heart is still full, This family had “many conversations”With doctors who agreed that it was possible and did not promise anything. They said that he had to decide if he wanted to receive a transplant.

Unvaccinated Colorado woman pulled from KIDNEY TRANSPLANT waiting list, as hospital says Covid-19 jab is required

“We’re being pressured to choose a shot that could kill him,” wrote Amanda Brodeur, whose best friend Heather is the mother of Ferguson’s two children, with another on the way.

“This is not just a political issue. People need to have a choice!” She added.

Ferguson was scheduled to receive an emergency pump which would provide him with heart support for two weeks. Ferguson is the first person to be publicly denied a transplant due to the Covid-19 jab. Two Americans were previously removed from the list for kidney transplant. 

University of Colorado Health stated that a woman couldn’t get a kidney transplant because she and her donor hadn’t received the vaccine. They also pointed out that Covid-19 has a higher mortality rate than patients with other types of organs. A man from Ohio who had been vaccinated was refused a transplant. His donor cited religious and medical reasons.

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