Online Trading Academy Receives Fifth-Highest Vote Total in Stevie Awards for New Fintech Products

On May 28, 2021, the Online Trading Academy announced that it had received recognition from People’s Choice Stevie Award in the category of Favorite New Products. The announcement of the award took place at the 19th Annual American Business Awards highlighting the Best FinTech Solution. The Stevie Award recognized the Online Trading Academy’s CliK platform that offers trading education and analysis.

The American Business Awards sponsors the People’s Choice Awards each year to give the public an opportunity to vote on the top products and services released during that year. This year, more than 92,000 people cast votes in all People’s Choice categories. Voting options included all new products and services nominated for the American Business Awards categories.

The Online Trading Academy received the fifth highest vote total for Stevie Awards Favorite New Products. This year marks the fourth time the Online Trading Academy has won a Stevie Award, this time for its CliK platform under the category of Product Achievement and Best Fintech Solution. The awards program received more than 3,800 nominations for this category in 2021, a new record.

Online Trading Academy fully integrated its patented core strategy methodology when developing CliK.    OTA has embedded proprietary tools such as the Trade Builder, that walk students through a step-by-step process for identifying and scoring trade opportunities.  Students learn to develop trade plans based on their own personal risk parameters and set those in the Trade Builder.

Mark Grieco is the Vice President of Product Management for the Online Trading Academy. Upon notification of the company receiving its fourth Stevie Award, Grieco commented that he feels enthusiastic about the public’s recognition of CliK as a revolutionary program at the forefront of fintech.

Grieco further commented that CliK allows students to speed the pace of their learning by developing skills that build upon previous knowledge. Students develop the confidence they need to be active participants in various financial markets because they understand the tools and rules necessary to manage their risk responsibly. Mark Grieco closed his remarks by underscoring how the company’s fintech focus is to educate the public about investing technology and not gamifying the process.

About Stevie Awards:

Stevie Awards recognizes nominees under the following eight programs:

  • American Business Awards
  • Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards
  • German Stevie Awards
  • International Business Awards
  • Middle East and North Africa Stevie Awards
  • Stevie Awards for Great Employers
  • Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service
  • Stevie Awards for Women in Business

The Stevie Awards also produces the WomenFuture Conference each year. Each Stevie Award competition receive an average of 12,000 entries per year from organizations representing more than 70 countries. The awards program recognizes organizations consisting of only a few people to those employing thousands of people. However, the most important outcome of the Stevie Awards is to honor the people behind the organization for outstanding performance. More information about the Stevie Awards is available at this link.

About Online Trading Academy:

Online Trading Academy provides leading financing education to students in online and in-person settings. The academy’s classes appeal to people who want to develop the skills and proficiency to trade and invest in the financial markets with confidence. The company uses proprietary core strategy methods that lead student traders through each step of the process. Students eventually develop their own strategies that will help them best meet their personal financial goals on a short-term and long-term basis.

Students of Online Trading Academy learn trading and financial lessons in an interactive classroom environment led by instructors with deep knowledge of the financial markets. They have access to a library of online education resources and the CliK trading platform. Anyone from novice to experienced traders and investors can learn how to use trading techniques and tools similar to those used by Wall Street professional traders.

Online Trading Academy started as a single location in Irving, California, in 1997. The academy has served over 80,000 students in its 24-year history and built education centers in 35 locations around the world. Of the more than 200,000 people who have completed surveys at the end of a class, 94.4 percent rated the course as satisfactory or excellent. Anyone is welcome to take a free introductory class from Online Trading Academy, and more than half a million people have taken advantage of this offer so far.

During its first four years of operation, Online Trading Academy operated as one of the largest trading floors in the United States. More than 180 traders from the company collectively averaged half a billion dollars in trades every day. Top traders and managers offered coaching to less experienced traders to help them improve their results.

In 2001, the academy shifted its focus to education only. The primary goal remains to equip the novice investment community with the techniques and tools they need to confidently trade alongside the professionals. Major areas of focus with Online Trading Academy’s education programs include:

  • Currencies
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Futures, including Eminis and commodities
  • Investment Theory for Stocks
  • Options
  • Position Trading
  • Short-Term Trading
  • Swing Trading

Courses at one of the academy’s 35 on-site locations gear curriculum towards individual traders or investors from beginning to experienced levels. Top skills that students learn in on-site courses include risk management, technical analysis, and trading fundamentals. By the end of the course, students have the necessary skills to participate in nearly any type of trading environment with confidence.

Some students choose to enroll in an online course titled Extended Learning Track once they have completed in-person learning. This online learning experience gives students the opportunity to select a specific area of study that fits their trading style, asset class, and learning objectives. Students become part of a tight-knit community of traders committed to supporting each other and improving their skills on a continuous basis.


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