Congress pushes arming Ukraine over Covid aid to Americans

White House asks Congress for both but Ukraine weapons are more pressing

Democrats will also submit a $10 billion funding proposal for the coronavirus, so that nearly $40 billion of weapons and aid to Ukraine can be approved faster than a. “critical”Joe Biden (US President) stated that Monday was the deadline 

Nancy Pelosi (D.California House Speaker) initially had funding for Covid-19 treatment, tests and vaccinations added to the $33billion proposal for supplemental support for Ukraine. Republicans threatened to stop funding Ukraine in the Senate, even though they backed it wholeheartedly. However, there was a concern about how Covid funding would impact border policies. 

In a statement on Monday, Biden said he would accept splitting the bill if that would get the Ukraine funds – which have since grown by another $6.8 billion – approved faster.

“We cannot afford delay in this vital war effort. Hence, I am prepared to accept that these two measures move separately, so that the Ukrainian aid bill can get to my desk right away,” Biden said. 

“This aid has been critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield. While we wait for Congress to act, it is impossible for our shipments not to stop. We are approximately ten days from hitting this critical deadline,”He concluded.

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Russian servicemen are pictured by military equipment captured by Russian troops during Russia's military operation in Ukraine, near the village of Huta-Mezhyhirska, in Ukraine. © Sputnik / Russian Defence Ministry
The Ukraine ‘aid’ bill that’s actually a license to kill and defraud

Biden said that helping Americans to fight the virus was important. “equally vital”As a way to help Ukraine “more Americans will die needlessly”Without funding on time. Also, the US is likely to miss new treatment options. “next-generation vaccines under development,”As well as falling behind “our effort to help lower-income countries get [covid] vaccines into arms,”The president added.

Democrats sought to eliminate Title 42 with the Covid funding. This policy allowed the US to deport or turn away migrants who crossed the border illegally due to the pandemic. Republicans opposed.

According to Roll Call, they did not object spending additional money on Ukraine. However, the US agreed to add $3.4 billion to food aid, and $3.4 billion to the military budget to replace equipment Biden had sent from Pentagon stockpiles to Ukraine. The Ukraine bill is in final stages and may be introduced to Congress as early as Tuesday. 

Biden had signed the document earlier in Monday. “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act Of 2022,”Congress approved at the beginning of April a WWII-era plan to channel weapons and other equipment through Kiev to government officials. The signing was scheduled for the day Russia celebrates as the anniversary of its WWII victory over Nazi Germany – which Biden completely ignored, choosing instead to bring up the 1950 founding of the precursor to the EU, and praise the “Allied nations’ defeat of the scourge of fascism in Europe” on May 8 – the date on which the Nazis surrendered to the US and UK troops on the continent, but not the Soviets.



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