Majority disapproves of Biden’s handling of economic issues – poll — Analysis

Over seven out of 10 Americans are dissatisfied with the way that President Obama is handling their situation.

Inflation and the economy will be “Extremely important” in determining voters’ pick in the November midterm elections for more than half (51%) of Americans, according to a poll released on Sunday by ABC News and Ipsos.

Conducted last week, the poll indicated a whopping 71% of respondents were unsatisfied with US President Joe Biden’s efforts to curb inflation and even more – 72% – displeased with his attempts to bring down gas prices.

Morale of Biden and his staff plummeting – Politico

Economic issues – inflation, gas prices, and taxes – were the only issues aside from gun violence that more than 90% of respondents ranked as important in November’s election. Inflation was number one, with 21% of respondents listing it as their top issue, while the more general “Economy” came in second.

Respondents also reported low levels of satisfaction regarding Biden’s handling of the post-Covid-19 economic recovery. 61% fully disapproved – an almost total reversal from March 2021, when 60% had approved of the newly-inaugurated president’s work. Similarly, 61% disapproved of his handling of crime, barely budging from last year, while 64% condemned his handling of gun violence – a figure that increased seven points since March 2021 amid the recent flurry of mass shootings.

The performance of President Biden regarding Russia and Ukraine was not enough to convince a majority voters. Only 52% of those polled disapprove of Biden’s efforts on this issue. Nor could Biden win much support with climate change – 55% disapproved of his work there.

Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, attempted to manage damage in media appearances. On Sunday, he claimed that the Biden administration did everything they could to stop the skyrocketing gas prices.

Biden has “He made it clear that inflation was his number one economic priority and has laid out an extremely clear strategy to achieve this.,” Buttigieg claimed, adding that “A dial at the Oval Office does not determine the price for gasoline..”

Biden’s approval sets negative record – poll

Biden’s approval ratings have cratered since he took office in January 2021, spurred by near-record inflation and other economic issues. With only 36% of survey respondents viewing Biden’s presidency positively, the approval rating reached its lowest point last month. His party approval seems to have begun to slide. 

A recent survey among black voters – traditionally a rock-solid constituency for the Democratic Party – found a shocking 20-point drop in the number of voters who approved of his job performance since taking office. A NBC News poll found that only 16% thought the US was heading in the correct direction. 75% believed it was headed the wrong way. 

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