How a Brand Can Enter the Metaverse

How a Brand Can Enter the Metaverse

The metaverse is an idea exciting to people around the world. It gives people the chance to be entertained, shop, and communicate with friends in an online world.

Many businesses are looking for the perfect opportunity to join the metaverse. Alexander Djerassi, an entrepreneur, has some ideas on how a brand can successfully become part of the metaverse.


An exciting part of the metaverse for a lot of people is the chance to be engaged. Traditional media can be passive, only giving you the chance to view what a brand has in store.

The metaverse can give brands a way to interact with their customers. For example, a fast-food company could theme a virtual escape room based on their products. Those that complete these activities could earn free rewards or coupons to use later.


Large brands like Adidas and Nike have made millions of dollars off of exclusive products. That’s because people like to feel exclusive, giving them a chance to show off to others.

Brands can start bringing exclusive products directly to the metaverse. For example, a brand could create a virtual shop that only allows a certain amount of people per day. This could have people lining up virtually in the metaverse so that they have the chance to get an exclusive product shipped directly to their homes.

Social Experiences

With the metaverse, people will be able to create virtual spaces so that they can talk and play games with their friends no matter where they might be. However, many of these people might want to congregate in a public space.

With the metaverse, brands have the chance of creating public spaces in the metaverse that don’t cost as much as opening up a club in real life. These spaces could bring in important celebrities and musicians every week, giving players the chance to hang out with their friends while experiencing something special.


It can be hard for new brands to be successful among other established brands. Metaverse can give small brands the resources necessary so that they can become large.

For example, a virtual shopping mall might end up opening in the metaverse. A small brand owner might be able to get a virtual shop inside the mall, enticing visitors to check out their products.

Product Testing

According to Alexander Djerassi, a lot of consumers don’t like purchasing products online, as they don’t get a full picture of what a product looks like online. This can be seen as a significant issue in the clothing industry.

The metaverse can help consumers pick out the right products through product testing. For example, a customer could try clothes on their virtual avatar to get a good idea of what it would look like in real life. 3D models can even create intricate details that you wouldn’t see from a few feet away. From there, customers could just press a button and get all of that clothing shipped directly to their homes.


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