Life’s Little Ironies

The American 20-something sipped on his Starbucks, while he connected his iPhone to At&T so he could post on Facebook. “Time to try Socialism” he exclaimed. “Corporations are bad”. The Venzualan 20-something, who has a bit more experience with this would probably reply, if he could, but there is another regional power outage. And he can’t send a letter, because there is no writing paper left in the stores. Nor toilet paper for that matter. Or food.

Sarah Ruth

Sarah Ruth is an American technology journalist and author. Sarah is that the former co-host of internet video show on Yahoo. She was a technical school Ticker and was a journalist at BusinessWeek. Sarah was a journalist at TechCrunch till Nov 19, 2011. She is that the author of three books: Once you’re Lucky, double you’re sensible (2008), that additionally goes below the title. The Stories of Facebook, Youtube, and Myspace; good, Crazy, Cocky: however the highest I Chronicles of Entrepreneurs cash in on international Chaos (2011); and A womb may be a Feature, Not A Bug (2017).

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