5 Things You need to know about The Shadow of The Colossus

The central character in the story of Shadow of The Colossus is an unnamed young man Wander. Here’s everything you should know about him.

It was released in 2005 and is it is being updated with every new console generation; Shadow of the Colossus is an interactive video game that’s more than a mere game. It’s a work made of artwork that explores the themes of loss, loneliness, and mystery.

At the heart of this story lies a man called Wander. We know very little about him. He is looking to revive an individual we don’t know much about. Are they friends or a sister? We’re not able to answer these questions This is a big one of the reasons that make the game stand out among other games that are stuffed with details. So, what are the most we can learn from Wander after all this time? Here are five things we know about Wander. Beware of spoilers ahead and this game must be played If you haven’t played this yet. And there are many types of fantastic games on PS4 are available. If you want to know more then visit the 9 Best Fantasy Games For PlayStation 4 for more information.

1. His appearance changes with each Four Colossi defeated

Shadow of the Colossus has an eye for small things. One of the biggest advantages foreshadowers get for Wenders’s possession is that his appearance gradually changes as you move in the story. His appearance changes 4 times as he alters each time, he beats all of 16 giants.

In the end, you will notice that the skin is becoming akin to a corpse with black veins and small horns that are on his head.

2. His Cloak Recalls the Symbol the Sigils Represent as The Colossi

The game’s video game features a single symbol that is everywhere. It’s practically an icon of the game because it displays Wander the weaknesses of every colossus he’s supposed to take down. This is the place where the sigil is the most well-known.

If you have an eye for detail the sigil appears present on the clothes of the characters we’ve met. It’s located on the front and back of Wander’s cloak and is on the dress of the dead girl and Emon’s cloak. The symbol signifies to people since they are not weak points . . . is up to the fans to make guesses.

3. He appears to be more experienced with a bow than A Sword

Many players have observed that Wander uses his two weapons differently. He shoots his bow with plenty of confidence and even can shoot at targets while riding on horseback. If he uses a sword, the bowman is much less confident.

Many theories have been put forward by fans. Wander was a bowman of great skill before; however, he only recently began playing with the sword. This is confirmed by the evidence that suggests the weapon he used during the game was found to be stolen.

4. He Is Voiced by Kenji Nojima

It was not necessary to use the recording in Shadow of the Colossus, because the characters spoke a fictional language. Many fans believe that it’s an amalgamation of Latin and reverse Japanese.

5. The player has a limited amount of control over his Baby’s Form During Screen Credits

This tiny detail was missed by the attention of a lot of gamers. After the game and during credits the girl is revived and can discover that Wander is transformed into a baby by the power of Lord Emon.

In those credits, players may utilize action buttons to let the baby cry in a variety of ways. The players believe that this is proof that this baby is an incarnation of Wander.


Yes, I would highly recommend this game to any person. It comes with a variety of amazing features and the Graphics is fantastic. It makes the gaming experience significantly better and more enjoyable. Social features are excellent because they permit players to interact with their players and play games with them. Go to is the top resource for anything related to the most recent games and alternative games with a list of websites that work.



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