Open Your Eyes to Dr. Dawn Ella’s New Cutting-Edge Soul Link App

When faced with great adversity – grave loss, immense pain, or debilitating disability that shakes us to our very core — it is often a typical practice for us to become overwhelmed with our circumstances and shrink into darkness.

Instead of retreating, Complementary Medicine Expert Dr. Dawn Ella and her unique set of experiences has led her to bask in and find the light, and she wants to share that light with a global community through her cutting-edge Soul Link App.

Her gifts are a testament to her life, and she is eager to share and why Dr. Ella, a formidable entrepreneur and thought leader, wants to help people around the globe go from darkness to light and begin their own healing journey through Soul Link.

This remarkable new technology launches nationally in November 2023 and will be available at and in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Dr. Ella and her team are hosting a festive launch party for the Soul Link App on November 6 in Naples, Florida.

Soul Link is a ground-breaking meditative technology designed to be a catalyst for self-discovery, transcendence, and inner growth. It comes at a time when people are struggling with mental health issues, and other difficulties in their lives.

As such, Soul Link produces positive changes in the brain and human consciousness. A result of its patented blend of healing musical compilations, immersive earth visuals, and focus-enhancing frequency waves, users experience a healthier mind, improved emotion regulation, and an elevated state of being.

Interview with DR. Dawn Ella
Please tell me what Soul Link is and what compelled you to create it.

Dr. Dawn Ella: Soul Link is a comprehensive meditation platform that helps you rise to your authentic self. It’s different than traditional meditation; it’s a different way to meditate. It allows you to keep your eyes open and it gives you a visual story to watch in detail on the screen.

Share a little more of your personal story and how this led you to develop the patent for Soul Link? 

I had a tragic accident 17 years ago, and that began an awakening journey for me. During that journey I did a lot of studying. I had a wonderful gift to be able to help others and with that it led me into studying deeper and further so I could understand what I was being called to do. Within those studies I was able to take all these pieces of what I was learning and put it into a particular formula where if you combined all the sound therapy together it could have dramatic healing effects. Not only spiritually, but also mentally, emotionally, and physically, and how it can assist in our awakening.

How is Soul Link different from typical mediation and meditation apps?

Instead of somebody guiding you on a meditation you get to visually experience it. Then it also has musical compilations that have been created to help connect you to your authentic self and allow you to foster profound inner growth and self-discovery. It’s based on a patent pending formula, so the musical compilations are with sound therapy and pretty extensive to help bring you to a closer connection to yourself.

Tell me a little more of your personal story. After an accident like yours a lot of people would have gone on disability, stayed home, and given up? Why wasn’t this your path?

It all comes back to that inner self.  I was spiritual before this accident and thankfully I was already spending time with my inner self, so when I left this world and I went to the other side and I was told it’s not your time yet, you need to go back, that inner part of me was so powerful and so strong. I was asked to do something. You need to go back because there’s people you’re going to heal. When you have something that you’re so connected to that tells you something like that it never leaves you. 

To this day what I heard feels as strong as when I heard it 17 years ago. That strength of that light, that inner light of our inner self, is what kept me going. 

So, it is extremely impressive that Soul Link is patent pending in 37 countries. Please tell me more about this.

We’re patent pending in 37 countries. The story behind that really began from my tragic accident, which left me in a coma for three days. After I came out of the coma, I needed to be bedridden for a year in order to heal. In doing so I was very isolated. I was separate from being out with everybody else because I needed to heal. That began my inward journey. I started to understand how much all of the answers are inside of you.

It was a wonderful time to do a lot of inner growth and expansion based on my inner self. It allowed me to see things a lot differently. After the year in bed, and going out into the world again it was quite a shock to me. I was very elevated in my perception of reality and was able to see, when I looked at people, how far we all were away from where we needed to be.

Through that time, I was able to create a formula that could be very healing if we put it together. If you have all these sound pieces, they don’t naturally sound good together, so it’s not easy to do. It took time to formulate something that sounds beautiful, but also does the job helping with mental, cognitive, and therapeutic care. As well as discovering your inner self and your inner journey.

Talk about how Soul Link could help children and parents?

Children have always been my focus, because I started looking at the brain and how it functions when I was pregnant with my son 27 years ago. I’ve always looked at that aspect of brain development and understanding when you’re a child the brain is programmable. If you want to reprogram the patterns in the brain you’ve got to do so in alpha state of consciousness.  That’s always been on my mind.

Looking at where the world is now, we’re in a mental health crisis. It was just declared a national state of emergency in children. One in five young individuals actually has trouble with anxiety, depression, disruptive behavioral problems and even depression, eating disorders, or suicide.  Because of that the world, especially our young people, need a different tool, a different platform to give them a transformational quality in what they do for themselves. 

But this is not just about the children because we’re all under stress, feel the pressures of the world and the changes that everything is going through.  Having something that can help you on your inner journey, to help transmute those soul fragments that are blocking where we want to be. This is what Soul Link is all about.

What would you say to people who don’t currently meditate and how Soul Link will serve them if they decide to try it?

I’ve noticed a lot of people have trouble meditating because they close their eyes and you’re supposed to go inside, but inside is where all those fragmentations are. When they turn to look inside it’s all of the noise and the mess and the problems and confusion and the worries and anxiety that they’re trying to get away from. By allowing Soul Link to guide you we use epigenetics and visual programming to give you something to look at as you look from the inside. 

There are beautiful sacred geometries in nature that just by looking at them you attune to that kind of frequency that allows you to resonate with that which you’re looking for. The way we’ve done it is completely different so hopefully it will give a better experience. 

For those that have trouble with meditation, I would say try Soul Link because this could be the answer that you’ve been looking for. The music selections are very beautiful and transformative just listening to them by themselves. I can listen to the same composition multiple times and depending what’s going on with my day I hear it differently. When I go towards different visuals, whether it’s the dolphins in the water or I’m going through the rainforest and the waterfalls, somehow the music seems to formulate exactly with the nature environment that I’m watching. It’s mesmerizing. 

As an entrepreneur, as a woman in business and a thought leader, what advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs who might be struggling to launch their dream, vision or their product?

Follow your heart. Follow your heart and your soul. Ask yourself the following questions, “What is your calling?  What brings you joy? Because it’s within that joy that you will find your resilience. Find your calling. What makes your heart sing? What doesn’t feel like work? What does it feel like to you when you’re taking part in what you’re doing?”  Find that passion and that part of yourself that you can express and share with the world. Because that’s where you can find success is when you follow your heart.

What would you recommend to people who are facing major challenges in their lives and can they make it through their own difficult situation?

I would say to have a good network of help. Have family, friends, and therapists in your corner. It’s really good to have a support system. When you know you have people supporting you, you never have to feel alone.

Making a positive impact in the lives of others and being in service are at the heart of your life’s work. Please talk about.

Well, again, it goes back to my story of leaving this world and coming back.  It was a hard stop in the direction of my life. I was able to re-evaluate and look at what I’m here for and what I’m here to do. My true understanding is that love is the only thing that’s real. The rest is an illusion of a fragmentation of what we’re here to help correct. Following your heart, following the love, always being in service and in love is the higher vibration that we can tune into.

For more information, contact Soul Link.

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