Lebanon PM agrees on crisis-exit roadmap amid Saudi spat — RT World News

According to the Lebanese presidency, prime minister Najib Mikati, despite a dispute with Saudi Arabia over Yemen’s war, has agreed on a plan for leading the country from its present crisis.

Twitter posted the following information on Thursday. stated that Mikati had agreed with President Michel Aoun on an effective “Roadmap”. 

According to local media outlet Lebanon 24, the prime minister’s schedule for Thursday also involves a meeting with Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri, as the government looks to resolve a messy diplomatic spat with Saudi Arabia and its regional allies.  

Lebanon has been scrambling to repair its relations with the Gulf states after the airing of an interview with Information Minister George Kordahi in which he slammed the Saudi-led coalition’s war in Yemen. Before Kordahi’s appointment as minister, the interview was recorded in August.  

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Bahrain tells its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately after minister’s Yemen comments anger Gulf states

Bahrain demanded that all Lebanon’s citizens leave the country on Tuesday in an additional escalation. This was after Saudi Arabia allowed the Lebanese ambassador to leave within two days. It then re-called its Envoy and issued a blanket ban against all imported goods from Lebanon. Soon after, Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE followed their lead. Kordahi rejected all calls to resign. 

Lebanon is currently experiencing one of the most severe financial and economic crises it has ever seen. The problems are only being exacerbated by political deadlock. 

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