The 7 Video Content Ideas For Small Businesses

If companies want to make the most out of social media marketing, content marketing or any form of digital marketing, video content is certainly required. Through video content, small businesses have the chance to better connect with their audience, serve their potential customers as well as be more effective with content marketing. As a matter of fact, videos are an engaging content that is twelve times more shared on social media platforms than any images and texts combined as well as has a remarkable return-on investment.

In addition to the above, including video content helps small businesses in ranking higher in search, aids potential customers in better understanding their products and services, increases click-through rates as well as builds stronger brand affiliation and connection.

On that premise, the following article presents some of the best social media video content ideas that can be implemented by small businesses to boost their brands.

Introductory videos

One of the video content ideas that small businesses can apply is a short introduction video that presents everyone on the team, that simply explains what the business does and what problems it can solve for its customers. Small businesses can also include video content on how the products or services are made or done. The combination of the visual and auditory stimulation in a video makes any complex concept easier to understand.

Highlighting social proof

Another video content idea that small and local businesses can implement is putting their customers in front of the camera and asking them to do a testimonial video where they share the reasons why they love the products or services offered by the business and why they love this business per se. Making the customers the advocates of the business is a smart and effective strategy since the general public is generally more likely to believe online customer feedback than the opinions and testimonials of company members.

Empowering the expert to educate the audience

Another effective way that small businesses can push their brands forwards by using video content is getting their own leaders and experts in front of the camera to educate and share the knowledge they have with the potential customers. This video strategy that is focused on education is proven to drastically increase the annual flow for a substantial number of businesses.

Culture content

Culture content is another video idea where small businesses get the chance to demonstrate to their audience what the company is all about and what makes the company unique in comparison to others. This type of video content allows companies to come off as human and which allows buyers to relate to who they are buying from.

Sharing the original story

Similar to culture content videos, videos that show how the company was founded are also very important for promoting the business. Generally speaking, people are genuinely interested in stories, so videos that demonstrate where the business owners show where they came from and that tells their story while making it relevant to both their employees and customers, is a smart marketing strategy.

Thank you videos

Loyalty is undoubtedly crucial for the sustainability of a business. Making thank you videos shows the customers that they are appreciated and certainly keeps them around. These videos do not have to be of high production or quality, as a matter of fact, videos with average quality give off a more authentic vibe that people can believe and relate to.    

Audience’s preferred content

Since people prefer to watch a video on something they like than read about it, blogging in the medium the potential customers prefer is another important video content idea that companies can utilize.



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