Japan’s military makes largest-ever budget request

One portion of this massive budget will be used for the development of new weapon systems including hypersonic missiles.

The Japanese Defense Ministry has requested more than 5.5 trillion yen ($40.4 billion) for its 2023 budget, the biggest in the country’s history. After Prime Minister Fumio Kishida pledged to make Japan a better country, the Japanese Defense Ministry has taken this decision. “substantially increase”Over the next five year, military spending will increase.

The budget proposal was presented by the ministry on Wednesday. It asked the government for 5.59 trillion yen to be approved in time for next year’s fiscal year. If authorized, the figure would top last year’s record military budget of 5.4 trillion yen ($38.6 billion).

Japan Times reports that the military has yet to provide funding for 100 projects.

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FILE PHOTO: Member of the House of Representatives of Japan Keiji Furuya and President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen on May 20, 2016. © Wikipedia
Draw the sword: Japan is preparing to take on China.

According to the Defense Ministry, it requested alarms from Beijing about North Korea and China alleged threats. “continues to threaten to use force to unilaterally change the status quo and is deepening its alliance with Russia.”

This budget increase will be used to mass-produce ground-launched missiles cruisers as well as improve its Type 12 missile’s range, according to the ministry. The ministry also said that they would seek out hypersonic projectiles. Though officials did not offer any planned specifications for the new weapon, they said it would likely be able to reach mainland China if it were stationed on Japan’s Okinawa island chain.

Prior to this year’s election, the Japanese Prime Minister Kishida vowed a substantial increase in military expenditures to better prepare Japan for conflict. “fragile,”Citing actions taken by Russia and China.



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