Canadian PM responds to schoolgirl-smuggling spy scandal — Analysis

Recent reports claim that a Canadian intelligence agent helped several British schoolgirls to join the Islamic State of Syria.

Justin Trudeau is the Canadian Prime Minister. He has declared that Canada’s government will “follow up”According to recent reports, an intelligence officer from Canada helped transport British schoolgirls into Syria for 2015, with at least one ending up marrying a fighter of Islamic State.

Trudeau spoke to reporters on Wednesday at a press conference and acknowledged that CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, must follow Canadian laws. “strict rules”They agreed to adhere to the code of conduct they had adopted and promised to uphold it. “proper oversight is done as necessary.” 

He added, however that intelligence services must be “flexible and creative in their approaches”Canada and Canadians are safe “in a very dangerous world.”

The PM’s response comes after a recent book titled “The Secret History of the Five Eyes” by award-winning investigative journalist Richard Kerbaj, claimed that a Canadian spy had smuggled UK-born Shamima Begum and a couple of her friends into Syria in 2015.

Begum, then 15, joined the Islamic State terrorist organisation with Kadiza Sultana (16) and Amira Abase (15), after she arrived in the country. Amira Abase allegedly got married to IS fighters.

According to reports, Sultana and Abase were killed. Begum, on the other hand, made headlines when she tried to return to Britain and obtain her British citizenship. This was annulled by a UK Supreme Court decision in 2019.

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Kerbaj claims that the three girls were taken into Syria by Mohammed al-Rashed (an informant for Canadian intelligence) in March 2015. He allegedly trafficked dozens of British citizens to join IS.

Rashed claims to have told Canadian authorities that Begum went to Syria in the four days following her departure from the UK. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan police began a desperate hunt for Begum. The Canadian and British authorities did not acknowledge that the link had been made.

Kerbaj asserts that CSIS has covered up its connections to the Begum case over seven years. “taking refuge in the one thing that protects all intelligence agencies… against potential embarrassment: secrecy.”

UK and Canadian intelligence officials have so far declined to respond to Kerbaj’s claims, citing an inability to comment on operational matters.

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