Iranian official pins blame for deadly unrest — Analysis

Foreign forces have tried to stir up unrest in Iran amid public outrage over a woman’s death in police custody, Ismail Zarei Koosha, the governor of the country’s western Kurdistan Province, said on Tuesday.

Koosha was quoted by Fars News Agency as saying three people were involved. “shot and killed by the enemies of the government” during the protests, which rocked several cities, including Kurdistan’s capital Sanandaj.

He added that the victims were killed “with weapons that are not used by any of the security and military officials.”

After Mahsa, 22-year-old Mahsa died in Tehran while wearing an Ankara scarf, protests began. “improper” hijab.

Amini’s death was ruled by police as a result of a heart attack.

Iranian police respond to woman’s death in custody

Koosha spoke out for the forces of “outside the country”They tried to use the tragedy to create unrest. “There is an emotional atmosphere. Therefore, they don’t sympathize with Mahsa. [her family], Sunnis and Kurdis,”He stated.

“We will stand up and deal with those hiding behind Mehsa Amini’s death and seeking to create insecurity in Kurdistan and spread it to other provinces.”

According to media reports, protestors set fire to trash cans and hurled rocks at police while they fired tear gas volleys.

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