Japanese UFO researchers report hundreds of encounters — Analysis

Fukushima’s International UFO Institute claims it had 452 sightings during the previous year

On Saturday, the International UFO Institute (privately-owned) shared results from its first year.

The institute is headed by Takeharu Mikami, the editor-in-chief of Mu magazine (which covers supernatural phenomena and occult mysteries), and operates in Fukushima’s Iinomachi district.

This area is well-known for its UFO sightings at Senganmori Mountain.

Mikami told journalists that his researchers have so far registered 452 UFO-like sightings over the past year – 125 of which are backed by photos, and 24 others by videos.

All the materials were analyzed using special software, to make sure they weren’t fakes.

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Only a few images of these objects have been made public. The images show what appears to be saucer-shaped objects from unknown origins in the sky.

“It is not a bird; it is likely a UFO,”Mikami commented on one of these pictures.

Officials have spent a lot of time promoting Iinomachi District as the Japan home of foreigners.

Mikami and the local UFO Fureaikan Museum have a large collection that includes around 3,000 documents, as well as other material on this topic. The number of people who visit the museum has increased by 1.6 percent in the last year.

A parade with people dressed up as aliens is also planned to draw visitors to the area.

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