How a Company Named LifeWave Empowers Individuals to Find Business Success

Amidst the economic uncertainty that has sprung up recently during these unusual times, many individuals are looking for new career paths. As part of an ongoing series to inform people about a range of options in this realm, we’ve turned to a company that is known for empowering individuals to take control of their economic future — LifeWave. As a leading health and wellness company, it has long been known for the quality of its products, but some people may be surprised to learn about the ways in which it helps individuals find business success as well. Read on for further information in this space.

Company information

Founded in 2004 by CEO David Schmidt, LifeWave has built a reputation on its proprietary health and wellness products that help to deliver more energy and stamina, mental acuity, and dramatic wound healing results, among other things. These products stem from the company’s mission statement — to help people feel better, look younger, and lead more joyful lives through products that tap into the body’s natural energy and resiliency. Delivering on these health and wellness aims has been a big part of what has helped the company rise to prominence over the years. That rise has been so precipitous that it has earned the company a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies in three separate years.

One line of products, in particular, that has helped fuel this growth and widespread recognition is the company’s extensive offering of phototherapy patches. These patches are topically applied to a user’s skin where they are then able to reflect specific wavelengths of light back into the body, depending on the design of the patch model. That light is then able to initiate powerful change in the body’s physical processes down to the cellular level. With patches designed for many different health needs, the company is able to address a variety of health and wellness concerns through its technology.

Business opportunities

A second part of the company’s mission statement, not yet addressed, goes beyond the realm of health and wellness. This additional goal strives to create business opportunities for individuals that can help them thrive from a personal and professional perspective. These opportunities relate to the distribution of the company’s products. The extent of that distribution has expanded over the years to now extend to almost 100 countries, with individual “distributors” around the world contributing to LifeWave’s rapid growth.

The reason for the widespread ability of distributors to build business opportunities in conjunction with product offerings from LifeWave rests on the company’s novel sales model. Early in the company’s existence, the decision was made to eschew a traditional retail paradigm in favor of offering products directly to customers. One of the reasons for this was the unique nature of the products and their stark difference from other products on the market. Company leaders were concerned that the full potential of the products wouldn’t be apparent sitting on a shelf in a retail location. The LifeWave story needed to be told. The company felt individual distributors who were knowledgeable in the products’ potential would be better positioned to help educate consumers.

Supporting business owners

The many years since the formation of the company have ultimately shown the above decision to be prescient. Individual distributors have been able to effectively communicate the power of the company’s products to consumers across the globe while also creating business endeavors of their own, leading to increased financial freedom. The ability of the company’s business model to aid distributors in their financial goals has become a point of pride for the health and wellness company’s CEO, who’s fond of highlighting how the sky is the limit for these sometimes not-so-small businesses.

That pride, however, doesn’t just stop at praising distribution partners, it also helps motivate the company to actively support them in a variety of ways. Perhaps some of the clearest examples of this support are the regular conferences the company produces to aid individual distributors. These conferences provide a variety of resources, such as talks by company leaders, access to emerging products, research and study information, and the ability to network with peers. With these conference aspects available to assist both new and veteran distributors alike, a large range of individuals have found success through their efforts with the company.  Covid-19 halted the ability to put on these conferences for a while but their value remains.

Ongoing work

Of course, while the past performance and success of distributors are important, individuals new to the company are perhaps most interested in future potential. That’s why many such distributors are excited to hear about the company’s ongoing drive to create and test new offerings through its in-house research programs. These programs collaborate with scientists from around the world to explore innovative subjects in the field of health and wellness. These explorations have produced a number of new products along the way and have helped expand the catalog of offerings available to distributors as they continue their work.

One example of these products that have recently emerged from the company to much excitement is its X39 patch. The patch is designed to increase copper peptide production in the body which can in turn stimulate the activity of stem cells. This boost in activity allows cells to produce a number of health and wellness benefits such as improved energy, reduced pain levels, and improved skin appearance. The results from the new offering have been so favorable that they have even outpaced laboratory expectations, showing just one more example of the potential the company offers to those who distribute its products.

As this is a time of economic turmoil for many, the drive from the general population to explore new career paths is incredibly high. The above information about opportunities with LifeWave is just one example of the ways in which individuals can work to take their economic futures into their own hands. Our hope is that readers begin to create new outlooks for their own futures and further their search for ways to find financial security and freedom.

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