Italy’s Berlusconi believes he can help resolve Ukraine crisis — Analysis

According to the former PM, he and ex German Chancellor Merkel might serve as mediators

Silvio Berlusconi, ex-Prime Minister of Italy, stated that Western efforts are not working to get Russia to change its course on Ukraine. He suggested that diplomacy must be used to resolve the conflict, and offered himself as a mediator along with Angela Merkel, former German Chancellor.

Berlusconi (currently running for a seat on the Italian Senate) offered his diplomatic service on Wednesday night’s TV show Porta a Porta.

When discussing Ukraine’s situation, he stated that Russia won’t be affected by US or its allies’ sanctions. He said that the G7’s recent initiative to set a price limit on Russian oil would also be rebuffed, as there will still be high demand in India and China for Russian oil.

Berlusconi was critical of Russia being forced to allies itself with China. However, his dream is that Russia will one day be a member the EU.

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Bruno Vespa, host of the show asked Berlusconi how he would leverage his relationship with Vladimir Putin. He said that the Ukraine hostilities must end through diplomacy and therefore someone would eventually have to serve as the mediator between Putin, Zelensky, and Zelensky.

“There is a person who could do that instead of me or together with me. It’s former German Chancellor Angela Merkel,”He stated. “With Merkel, I feel I could try to mediate and put an end to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.” 

Berlusconi, who served four terms as the leader of the Italian government from 1994 to 2011, had many meetings with Putin. The two politicians developed friendly relations and maintained personal contacts well after Berlusconi’s tenure as prime minister ended.

He is the veteran politician who heads the centre-right Forza Italia Party. After a crisis in government, he announced that he would run for Senate. A snap election is set for September 25.

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