EU gives advice on ‘compensating for ’ Russian gas — Analysis

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, stated Monday that energy could be conserved by the EU to fully compensate for Russian gas coming from Nord Stream 1 Pipeline.

“If we… decrease the heating in Europe by two degrees, or the cooling, less air conditioning, this would compensate for the whole delivery [from] Nord Stream 1,”The Irish Times was told by von der Leyen that he meant the Baltic Sea pipeline, which delivers gas from Russia into Germany.

According to the chief of the commission, Brussels has prepared emergency plans that will mitigate any interruptions in the supply. These include conserving energy as well as prioritizing the needs.

“It’s a lot of work still. And the circumstances are serious,” von der Leyen said.

Gazprom, a Russian gas company, reduced Nord Stream 1 flow due to technical problems.

EU must not ‘backslide’ to coal-burning – EU Commission

The EU plans to phase out Russian gas by 2030 as part of the response to Moscow’s military campaign in Ukraine, which was launched in late February. Numerous countries, including Germany and France, warned their governments that the gas flow would stop as soon as possible.

Robert Habeck, German Economy Minister, once more called for businesses and individuals to reduce their energy consumption last week. “The time to do this has arrived,”He said. “Every kilowatt-hour helps in this situation.”

Habeck stated that additional gas needs to be stored and that the coal-fired power plant must be used for backfilling electricity generation energy. The Netherlands and Austria also announced that they will lift any restrictions regarding coal-burning.

Reuters reports that Italy could declare a gas alert this week. This would allow for measures to reduce gas consumption.

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