Israel scrapping Covid vaccine ‘green pass’ — Analysis

Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, cited the drop in coronavirus cases as a reason to lift restrictions

Israel will soon end its Covid-19 ‘green pass’ system, doing away with the vaccine card as officials point to a significant decline in severe cases and an end to the Omicron surge.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announced that the government had made this move. “the wave of the Omicron has broken”Now, there’s a “sharp drop”in serious infections.

“Earlier today I had a discussion with the Minister of Health and other officials. We will stop using the green pass,”In a statement, he stated that further measures would be eased. “in the coming days.”

The pass system, which was in effect during the last year, required Israelis showing proof of vaccination to be allowed to enter many indoor public spaces including bars, hotels and restaurants as well as gyms, churches, schools, and places of worship.

Israel’s own ‘Freedom Convoy’ reaches Jerusalem

During a meeting on the future of Israel’s pandemic response held earlier on Thursday, Bennett called for a gradual easing of restrictions, reiterating that the coronavirus omicron variant had reached its peak in the country. According to the Jerusalem Post, the green pass will cease to exist by March 1. However, those who enter nursing homes or other high-risk institutions will need to be negative for the virus.

The decision to abolish the vaccine pass comes days after thousands poured into Jerusalem to demand an end to the country’s Covid restrictions, with demonstrators dubbing the action a “freedom convoy”They are similar to recent Canadians, with some waving Canadian flags.

Israel finds 4 Covid vaccine jabs ‘not good enough’ against Omicron

Bennett, who was elected premier in June last year has pledged to concentrate on the economic recovery after two years of severe pandemic restrictions placed on business. Almost immediately after the more transmissible omicron variant was detected in Africa, however, the PM shut down nearly all travel into the country, though has since repeatedly spoken of the need to scale back Israel’s anti-Covid measures.

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