Germany enforces mandatory Covid vaccination for certain jobs — Analysis

Germany’s parliament approved compulsory vaccination for all employees at care homes and medical facilities. The staff have now three months to get their certificates.

The overwhelming majority of Bundestag members – 571 – voted for a revised Infection Protection Act that introduces a vaccine mandate for certain jobs effective March 15, and temporarily authorizes dentists, pharmacists, and vets to administer vaccines.  

Federal states also have the power to place anti-COVID regulations on their own if they feel necessary.

Karl Lauterbach, Health Minister, explained the reasons for the changes and called the “presence of unvaccinated personnel” the reason.absolutely unacceptable“In places where vulnerable individuals are being looked after.

Real number of Covid-19 cases in Germany estimated

Because of the critical situation with coronavirus in the country, also the approval was given by the upper chamber.

Robert Koch Institute reports 61,288 cases of new patients and 484 deaths as of Friday. Covid is the cause of death for 104,996 deaths in this country.

These shocking statistics aside, Germany’s vaccination rate is still lower than many EU countries. Only 69.4% are fully vaccinated. 

Officials in the country have supported compulsory vaccination with an expected deadline of February.



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