Covid-19: Virtual Solutions Emerging

As we moved into 2019, who would have thought we were about to enter into a global pandemic? Scientists around the world warned that this could happen, and within a few short months, Coronavirus had made its way to all parts of the world, and this has had a devastating effect on the global economy. Fortunately, this virus arrived at a time when we have emerging technology that enables us to have video calls and meetings, which has been the saviour of many businesses.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP is the root technology that allows us to have video conferencing, and many industries are now using this to conduct their business, rather than having face to face meetings with customers. If, for example, you wanted to join a virtual Pilates class, offer a range of online classes with a qualified instructor, when you can learn the techniques via video conferencing. This eliminates human contact, which stops the spread of Covid-19, and the following sectors are now employing virtual services.

  • Healthcare
  • Advisory services
  • Law
  • Counselling
  • Fault Diagnosis


Zoom is a very powerful digital application that allows for multiple users to interact in a virtual way, and many businesses take advantage of this service, scheduling appointments with clients, when they can go about their business in a virtual environment. Many doctor surgeries now offer virtual examinations, which enables the physician to examine the patient and communicate, which is often enough to prescribe a treatment.

Reducing Human Contact

Of course, this is the best way to stop the spread of the virus, therefore using virtual communication should be encouraged, which is exactly what is happening. We can also keep our social connections with family and friends using Zoom, and of you have elderly relatives, you might have to set zoom up on their PC. Here is an article on how technology can assist your business, which might prove invaluable.

Smartphone Health Apps

There are many free mobile apps that can help you to monitor your health, which can really help during the lockdown, and if you visit Play Store, you can view the many different health apps and download the ones that appeal to you.

Fitness Programs

Just because you are on lockdown, that doesn’t mean you have to quit your Pilates or Yoga class, as most studios offer virtual courses, when you are monitored by a professional who is remotely located at the Pilates studio. The groups are small so that the instructor has time for each student, and the benefits you would gain are not less that in a physical class, except you haven’t had to leave your home. Here is some NZ government information about getting exercise during the pandemic, which is worth a read.

The technology for virtual meetings has been with us for a few years, and it took a global pandemic to accelerate the use of video conferencing for business, and without it, many businesses would have to shut down. If there is any way that virtual meetings could help your business, it is easy to set up, and it might be what is needed for your business to survive.



Analysi is a digital journalist and photographer currently focused on the US, business conflict and humanitarian crises.

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