US, China react to India’s missile launch into Pakistan — Analysis

Washington considers it an accident. Beijing calls for dialogue in order to prevent future disasters.

China and the United States have both responded to India’s unintentional firing of a missile on Pakistani territory last week. Beijing suggested that the two countries investigate and raise concerns. “information sharing”The US State Department simply called it “anonymous” “accident.”

Asked about the March 9 missile launch – which New Delhi blamed on a “technical malfunction”And called “deeply regrettable” in an official apology – State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Washington accepts India’s account of the episode.

“We have no indication, as you also heard from our Indian partners, that this incident was anything other than an accident,”Price said to journalists at Monday’s briefing that any questions would be referred to the Indian army.

India ordered the aforementioned despite noting that they had placed an order for. “high-level” probe into the mistaken launch last week, Pakistan’s Foreign Office said it is not satisfied with the “simplistic explanation”New Delhi requested a joint investigation. Islamabad has also summoned India’s envoy to provide a full accounting of what happened.

India apologizes after accidentally firing missile into Pakistan

Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry was also asked about the incident at a Monday daily press conference. He said that the ministry had witnessed the situation. “relevant information”While suggesting that both sides seek ways to avoid the future, “misunderstanding and misjudgment.”

“Pakistan and India are both important countries in South Asia, bearing responsibilities for maintaining regional security and stability,”He said that India and Pakistan ought to be considered. “hold dialogue and communication as soon as possible,”Also available: “step up information sharing, and promptly establish a reporting mechanism so that such incidents will not happen again.”

India and Pakistan are adversaries dating back to 1947 when India was granted independence from Britain. They were divided into two states. In the years since then, both sides have been engaged in many wars and military confrontations. These include in 1965 and 1971 as well as 1999 and more recently, in 2019.

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