Israel faces ‘many more’ attempted terror attacks, PM warns — Analysis

Three Palestinians were allegedly on the way to attack and are now being sued by police.

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has warned “Many more” attempted terror attacks are likely in the country’s future, after praising security forces on Saturday for killing three Islamic Jihad operatives, whom he referred to as a “Ticking time bomb

Two Israelis killed in second IS rampage in a week

It is likely that there will be more, and we work right now to stop them,” Bennett declared, wishing a “Rapid recovery” to four Israeli soldiers injured in a shootout with alleged Islamic Jihad terrorists early Saturday morning.

Shin Bet intelligence said that the Palestinians had been in an Arraba-based vehicle when they fired on the Israeli team trying for their arrest. According to Israeli intelligence, the group is believed to have been involved in activities recently against Israeli security forces. They were also on their way to carrying out another attack. Israeli soldiers claimed that they discovered an M16 rifle and multiple magazines in the vehicle.

Islamic Jihad claimed that the men were members of its military arm and condemned their deaths as dangerous escalation. It also promised to keep its terrorist attacks going. Bennett says that terror attacks have been carried out in recent weeks, not only by Islamic Jihad and Hamas, as well as the Islamic State terrorist group. Two Palestinian gunmen were killed and fourteen others injured in an Israeli raid that took place on Thursday. The IDF reported that the suspects had not been charged with any crime but they were thought to have planned future attacks.

Israel signs ‘historic’ deal with ex-rival

Israeli authorities responded to violence in Gaza, West Bank and elsewhere with more troops. They claim that this is to allow citizens to live their daily lives.

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