Struggling with IT Talent? Consider These Top 7 Staff Augmentation Companies

IT professionals play a vital role in e-commerce, the fastest-growing industry today. Consumer habits have changed drastically since 2020, and e-commerce experienced a ten years-worth of growth in 90 days. However, the challenge of e-commerce businesses is to provide satisfying digital experiences that will convert more than the current average traffic of 3%.

Besides skills like marketing and communication specialists, e-commerce platforms need IT professionals to keep them running. Often, the roles of people with computer programming backgrounds may overlap with non-technical skills in e-commerce environments. In addition, artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Extended Reality (XR) are increasingly playing a more significant role for companies in the online retail realm as they strive to provide better and more customized user experiences.

“E-commerce requires several IT skills, including programming, data collection and analysis, and software modeling,” says Garry Lea, CEO of Global Triangles. “Organizations invested in e-commerce require people with technical abilities to maintain their technology stack, ensuring to remain modern and issue-free, meeting ever-increasing consumer expectations.”

Top 7 Staff Augmentation Companies

Staff augmentation services allow small, medium, and large enterprises to either enhance their in-house team of IT professionals or bring skilled external teams as needed. These are the top 7 staff augmentation providers if you are looking for IT professionals with excellent service levels and in-depth technical experience.

1.      Global Triangles

Global Triangles have built a robust reputation for its personalized staff augmentation services at affordable prices. In addition, its reliable team of software engineers can meet any of the challenges required by any project, ensuring a rarely-seen level of flexibility. This ability comes from the expertise that allows them to support several tech stacks, including Python, Node.js, .NET, PHP, GO, Angular, and React Native as well as specialist, certified, skills in e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

With locations in Mexico and the US, Global Triangles is an excellent option for projects across various businesses, including SMEs, particularly in the U.S. and Canada. Their IT professional talent pool includes data, full-stack, software, DevOps, and QA engineers. E-commerce companies also often require the services of graphic designers and project managers for their projects, and Global Triangles won’t disappoint with their selection of top professionals in each field.


With offices in Argentina, covers staff augmentation services in several fields, including IT, finance, real estate, business, and consumer products and services. Their top talent in each tech field comes from across Latin America. Each expert is chosen based on more than their professional expertise; they must also have a command of the English language.

The professionals at BEON provide services for several fields, including management, engineering, and quality assurance and across 5 time zones, giving them the agility required to perform.

3.      DOIT Software

DOIT Software is a Ukrainian company with a strong presence in the U.S. Their IT staff augmentation team have expertise in several industries, including e-commerce, retail, healthcare, fintech, and transport.

They have over 5,000 developers in their tech pool, meaning they have a team that can cover several tech stacks. DOIT Software also provides companies with dedicated development team services and R&D setups. In almost a decade since they entered the market, DOIT Software has provided tech teams to startups, SMEs, and corporations.

4.      Devlane

Devlane, founded in 2020, is a newcomer to the staff augmentation market. The nearshore software development company is based in Uruguay and has managed to build a tech team encompassing some of their region’s best talent.

Their expertise includes mobile, web, blockchain development, quality assurance, and data engineering.

Besides providing tech experts, Devlane also covers other areas like project management, payroll, administration, performance evaluations, legal matters, career paths, incentives, and technical training.

5.      micro1

Based in the U.S., micro1 provides staff augmentation and software development services. It specializes in several industries, including e-commerce, business, retail, education, finance, and healthcare.

Whether a company is looking for remote software developers or staff augmentation, micro1 ensures fast position fulfillment and a free test phase.

6.      Nickelfox

Nickelfox is another staff augmentation company that provides teams with digital expertise for various projects, including e-commerce, health, fintech, and insurance. Other services they provide include product design, consulting, and web and app development.

Nickelfox is based in the U.S., India, Australia, and the UK, meaning it works with clients in over 25 countries across 9 time zones.

7.      Pentalog

Pentalog is a staff augmentation company with 15 offices across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its developers are sourced globally and must meet the company’s high expectations based on their client needs. Depending on your e-commerce project, you can rely on Pentalog to create a full stack of professionals to meet your project needs.

Final Thoughts

Staff augmentation allows businesses to hire IT talent when it’s needed most. With all the above companies, you don’t need to worry about a talent shortage since you can access a flexible global talent pool.

The process for your business to choose a staff augmentation partner has become streamlined, allowing you to choose a company that meets your project needs by providing the relevant expertise. Whether you need staff augmentation to build an e-commerce website or for any other project, these nearshore and offshore companies have the talent to help boost your enterprise. 

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