SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched with 3d bioprinter, supplies for ISS

A space capsule launched by SpaceX, carrying a 3D printer to make human tissue and about 5,000 pounds of other experiments and supplies is on its way to the International Space Station (ISS)

During its Thursday evening lift-off, the private company’s Falcon 9 rocket sent the Dragon capsule on its third tour to a rotating outpost. This is expected to reach ISS early Saturday.

The Dragon capsule is carrying science experiments, several of which concentrate on normal supplies, as well as cellular sciences.

The officials at nScrypt and Techshot say that 3D Bioprinter will be controlled by scientists on the ground. The mini-refrigerator sized printer, prints nerve cells, muscle cells, and proteins. To help the cells hold their shape, the experiment uses the near lack of gravity.

In a press statement NASA said, “After a picture-perfect launch and spacecraft separation, Dragon is now drawing power from its solar arrays as it begins its solo, two-day trip to the orbiting laboratory. This is the first time a Dragon spacecraft will journey to the space station for the third time. To mark this accomplishment, it is outfitted with three noteworthy stickers: two station badges representing the previous resupply missions it has flown (CRS-6 and CRS-13) and the Apollo 50th anniversary logo.

As mentioned earlier, the Dragon capsule will meet the ISS on Saturday. NASA has planned to hold a live stream on its website – starting from 8:30 am EDT. The spacecraft is scheduled to reach at 10 am EDT (7:30 pm IST). It will then be installed on the bottom of the Harmony module of the ISS. It will remain there until August 20 and later returns with research and return cargo.



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