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Father George Rutler

Father George Rutler has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime. In the Catholic church, he was honored with many titles. He was named Associate Pastor of Bronxville, New York. He was also named National Chaplain of Lagatus. In 2013 he took on the role of pastor of Saint Michaels the Archangel. Father Rutler graduated from Dartmouth. He is a Rufus Choate Scholar and an all-around great guy.

Father Rutler has also written 30 books on spiritual subjects and history. He has been recognized as a public servant as well as a renowned spiritual man. Father Rutler was in the vicinity of the 9/11 attacks of the twin towers. Not thinking of his safety he ran the many blocks to the area to assist in the rescue of the victims.

On the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, he holds a special memorial for the victims and their families. His life-saving efforts in the twin towers earned him the title of honorary firefighter and the key to New York City. During the search, he witnessed a priest’s dead body. He said he’ll never forget it. They took the dead priest to a nearby church where they laid him on the altar and said prayers over him.

Former President George W. Bush named him to be an honorary Texan. Father George Rutler holds this dear to his heart. In September of 2001 in Midtown Manhattan, he was appointed pastor of the Church of our Savior. This is where Father Rutler and others helped the victims of the World Trade Center.

In his spiritual career, he has stood out not by choice but by circumstance and or divine intervention. Father Rutler has done so much for the Catholic Church that his actions stand out. His selflessness has led some to compare him to Cardinal Newman and Monsignor Knox. Some also say Mother Terressa. As an author and spiritual man, many would love to be compared as such.

In times of crisis, many people would do well to imitate Father Rutler. His giving nature and selfless acts of compassion are a great example to all of us. It also shows that he has learned his spiritual lessons well in following the examples of Jesus. He has been an inspiration to many people and has influenced others to walk in integrity and faultlessness.

Putting other’s interests first is always at the top of his mind. This comes from a compassionate heart and willingness to serve humanity and God. If the world had more men like this it certainly would be a better place indeed. Men, women, and children flok to hear his spiritual messages every Sunday. Recently the Pope has been thinking of naming him a Saint. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

In any event, mankind truly has someone on its side willing to give his all his life for the safety of life and the pursuit of happiness. So when you hear of Father Rutler know that you are hearing the name of a great spiritual man that should be honored and respected.


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