Shalom Lamm Making a Difference in the Jewish Community

As a well known entrepreneur, Shalom Lamm has always been someone who dedicates his time and energy to bettering the lives of others around him. He has seen the ups and the downs of trying to make his goals become a reality, but through the years of experience he has gained, he now knows where to properly invest his time. As a proud member of the Jewish community, Lamm realized that he has an obligation to the community members and is passionate about making an impactful difference. After learning about the Jewish servicemen and women who tragically lost their lives fighting in World War II, it was discovered that they were buried underneath Latin Crosses instead of the Star of David.  Lamm knew that the mission to help those fallen soldiers and their families receive the proper Jewish burial is what he was meant to do. 

Shalom Lamm is recognized as someone who has operated many businesses over the course of nearly four decades. However, this organization in particular is one that hits close to home. Operation Benjamin is named in honor of Private Benjamin Garadetsky, one of the many Jewish soldiers who was buried under a Latin Cross at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial. The mission of the nonprofit organization is to preserve the soldiers’ memories while also planning a traditional Jewish burial to honor the memory of the soldiers and their families. For the Operation Benjamin team, it is an honor for them to help set the record straight. 

When asked about the mission of Operation Benjamin in an interview, Shalom Lamm said, “There are few things as important as ensuring that someone is provided a proper burial and that their memory is consecrated in a way that would have been consistent with their desires. I have been involved in many causes and wonderful organizations in my lifetime, but I can say without equivocation that this cause is one whose mission I find to be one of the most important. Every time our organization plays a role in ensuring that a soldier’s identity is afforded just recognition, I’m left with a sense of accomplishment that is truly indescribable.”

In order to reach their goal, the Operation Benjamin team needs to go through a few steps before making the proper burial change. First off, they must establish the Jewish identity of the service member. This is done through documentary evidence that includes field visits to cemeteries and tons of online research. Secondly, the team must present their case to the U.S. Government. They include a cover letter signed by a family member. Once the request is granted, the government offers to change the grave marker free of charge and then the government works with the Operation Benjamin team to set a date and time for the official marker change. Lastly, once everything is solidified, the family members get the opportunity to participate in a Jewish graveside marker change ceremony. The nonprofit organization considers it a “privilege” to be of assistance in such a noble undertaking. 

Shalom Lamm set the example for many entrepreneurs. He paved the way for many others in similar positions to take all of the years of experience they have learned, and channel it toward the greater good. After being a part of many other business operations, Lamm became aware of the many problems members of the Jewish community face, and decided to take the extra step to incorporate his business skills to help benefit the community. To learn more about Shalom Lamm and the mission of Operation Benjamin, please visit his Linkedin page.


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