How Rachel Harow Gives Back to Her Community

For many years, Rachel Harow, has developed a way to be a positive member of her community. She has joined the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County to strengthen her heritage and bring people together. In addition, she contributes to her children’s education by being the Parents Teachers Association president at the Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton, according to her Corporation Wiki. She recruits hundreds of volunteers to help with successful events and programs. Harow makes it very clear in some of her public statements that the Parent Teacher Association will act for no personal income from anyone. The point of her goals is to raise money for the school, without taking people’s personal equity.

Rachel married Chanoch Harow in August of 2001. Although just like any marriage there have been up and down, they have done nothing but progress as a couple. They have four beautiful children who love that their mom is so involved in helping the community flourish. She is also heavily impacted by the women she surrounds herself with. Rachel has been beautiful friendships with her companions at the Boca Raton Synagogue. This Sisterhood is made up of one-hundred-and-fifty women dedicated to learning about their Jewish heritage and who want to educate themselves on becoming stronger pillars for the community. Harow, who leads this remarkable group of women, is proving to be a perfect role model for her children. 

The Boca Raton Synagogue’s Women’s Health and Halacha Day has had an immense effect on the community. Rachel organized guest speakers, such as Sharon Glynn, Dr. Edna Tokayer, and Anna Lisa Curtis to talk about wellness issues. Sharon Glynn focused on having positive body images and how to increase self-esteem. For many women, having body dysmorphia is very common and can hurt one’s confidence. The fact that Rachel is supporting these women so heavily by hosting such empowering events is proof of how beautiful her heart is. Dr. Tokayer was there to speak about diabetes, which is one of America’s biggest health issues. Harow wants women to feel constant support from her and her organization. Anna Lisa Curtis proved the Sisterhood with advice on boosting brain function and how to live a happier life. 

The most extraordinary thing about Rachel is that she is not forced to do any of this. It’s hard to find pure-hearted people nowadays. The Times of Israel has published that she is genuine in all her actions and wants to set a good example for her children as they grow to be functioning members of society. As a mom, the greatest advice she can offer anyone is to always put family first. Life can get very hectic very quickly. It’s important to feel grounded and have a healthy relationship with your children. Harow has always made sure that her children are getting fresh air, playing together, learning new things, and helping others. It’s important for the youth of America to start acting cohesively to achieve a safer and better world. Rachel is also making sure her children know to recycle and be ecofriendly. Being conscious of the state of the environment is rare for young children, which is why she wants to empathize with being good to the earth is a positive thing. 

As Jewish holidays are starting to approach, Rach is dedicated to having a successful Rosh Hashanah Boutique for the students of Katz Hillel Day School of Boca Raton. In addition, she is planning safe Ice Cream Socials, Mom’s Grade Night Out, and many other events to bring the community together. As the community grows she has started working with Amazon to raise money for the school. Her undeniable influence is really making her community shine and they are forever grateful for her contribution. 

Just like any job, aspects of work can get stressful. That being said, Rachel tries to focus on the positives and more importantly have fun. On Rachel’s YouTube her daughter can be found singing, which is another activity they enjoy doing together. Having a strong work ethic is crucial when working so heavily in the community. Also, being reliable is a necessity. Thanks to Rachel’s dedication and hard work the South Palm Beach community is thriving. As Rachel always says; “Never give up on your dreams and they will come true.”


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