3 Important Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Fireplace

Depending on the type of fireplace that you have in your home, you can expect to enjoy the warmth it has to offer anywhere from a decade to a century. But even the most well-built and maintained fireplaces will need to be replaced eventually. Knowing what to look for can help you both address safety hazards that could affect you and your property as well as help you upgrade to a newer, more energy-efficient option. Let’s take a closer look at three important signs that it’s time to upgrade your home’s fireplace so you’ll be aware of what to watch for.

1. There Are Visible Signs of Damage or Inefficient Heating

If you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you might think that there’s nothing to be too concerned about. After all, these types of fireplaces are designed to last. But while this is true, there are issues that could be a cause for concern. One such issue is inefficient heating, which could indicate structural issues. Another major thing to watch out for is visible signs of damage, such as cracking or a white substance coating the walls, which could indicate moisture in your fireplace. In this case, it might be time to upgrade both your fireplace as well as make some renovations to tackle the structural issues affecting your home.

2. You’ve Noticed Strange Noises or Smells Coming From Your Fireplace

Generally speaking, certain smells like gas leaks can be difficult to detect due to their lack of odor. A gas fireplace that needs to be upgraded, on the other hand, makes itself known quickly. A sign that your gas fireplace is faulty is a sulfuric odor wafting throughout the house. Do you hear weird noises instead? Don’t ignore these either! Strange noises could point to something wrong with the fireplace that will disrupt normal operation or put you and your home at risk.

3. There’s Noticeable Soot Buildup or Smoke Backing Up Into the Home

One of the key benefits of having a fireplace is being able to fill your space with warmth without any smoke or soot coming into it. However, that might not be what you’re experiencing, regardless of whether you have an outdoor fireplace or an indoor one. Soot buildup on fireplaces that have venting and smoke buildup inside the house coming from traditional wood-burning fireplaces are serious signs that something is wrong with your fireplace. Now’s the perfect time to consider upgrading your fireplace if you’ve noticed significant issues like these when you decide to fire it up.

Fireplaces can be a major asset to any home or outdoor space. However, there comes a time when an upgrade is necessary, regardless of whether your old fireplace is finished or you just want something that’s more energy-efficient. If you’ve been looking for some tell-tale signs that it’s time to take your old fireplace out and bring something new in, consider the three points listed above and keep your eye out for any signs that something needs to be addressed!



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