President Trump’s Fourth of July Speech

In a massive display of might and Hollywood bravura, President Donald Trump once again turned tradition on its head for the Fourth of July by giving an hour long speech celebrating the bravery and achievements of the United States Military. Musical numbers were also featured, while squadrons of jets flew overhead.The whole shebang cost nearly a million dollars to stage, and was completely funded by tax dollars.

The president broke with a long tradition of chief executives stepping aside on the Fourth of July to let the country celebrate its own birthday without taking time out to hear exhortations from Washington.

Not since Ronald Reagan rededicated the Statue of Liberty in New York City back in 1976 has a standing president commanded the podium on a day traditionally reserved for grilling, fireworks, visiting military cemeteries, and going to the beach.

In his remarks, the president did not stray into political topics such as immigration or the trade war with China. Instead, he concentrated on praising the Armed Forces of the United States as global peace keepers and upholders of the proud tradition of service and sacrifice that many military families continue to make in today’s complex and fragmented world.

Although a steady rain fell throughout the event, it is estimated that a crowd of more than twenty thousand showed up for the event and subsequent fireworks.

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