Hamas wants Justin Bieber to ditch Israel gig — Analysis

Palestinian Islamist group Hamas has called on Canadian singer Justin Bieber to cancel his upcoming concert in what it calls the “Zionist occupation state” of Israel.

Bieber revealed his 2022 international tour dates on Thursday. A Tel Aviv concert was planned for the following October. On Thursday, Hamas’ Artistic Production Department issued a statement, cited by the Palestinian Sawa news outlet, “condemning and denouncing”The performer. The star was asked to cancel the show. “boycott the Zionist occupation state in protest at its repeated crimes against the Palestinian people.” 

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UK outlaws Hamas as terrorist organization

Bieber has performed in Israel multiple times, his last performance there having been in 2017 at Park HaYarkon – the same venue slated for next year. Since the announcement of the ‘Justice’ tour dates, calls for him to cancel the Tel Aviv show have gained momentum across social media, with many posters condemning the singer for supporting what one called an “apartheid state.”

Some notedBieber, who had just performed in South Africa was scheduled to travel to Israel. “Justin Bieber is really going straight from SA to Israel. From a country that fought apartheid to a country that’s practicing apartheid,”One user on Twitter complained.

Online petition calling for the boycott of Israel by the artist has garnered more than 3,700 signatures as of Friday. 

Lorde, the New Zealand singer from New Zealand, cancelled a concert at Israel in 2018. He thanked his fans and canceled. “educating”She spoke out about the matter, while Lana Del Rey, a US artist, initially defended her decision not to perform in the United States, stating that her performance would not be an issue. “political statement,”Before you cancel the gig, backtrack.

The US, EU and UK have all designated Hamas as terrorist groups. Human Rights Watch (an international nongovernmental organization) concluded in an April 2021 report that Israel had committed terrorism. “crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.”

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