Contents of Shinzo Abe’s suspected assassin’s letter revealed – media — Analysis

Tetsuya Yamagami had reportedly hinted that he was going to kill Japan’s former prime minister

The man who is believed to have assassinated Japan’s former prime minister Shinzo Abe earlier this month had dropped hints about his plans in a letter penned earlier, reports in Japanese media claim.

On Sunday, several news outlets suggested that Tetsuya Yamagami had at some point sent a written message to a critic of the Unification Church – the organization the 41-year-old blames for his family’s downfall. Yamagami wrote a harsh critique of Abe and claimed that there were links between him and the Unification Church.

According to the media citing the letter’s recipient, whose identity has not been disclosed, the would-be assassin had gone so far as to indicate that he wanted to kill the former premier.

Possible motive behind Shinzo Abe’s assassination revealed

Yamagami is quoted as saying he had “felt bitter” toward Abe, who in his eyes had been “He is one of the strongest sympathizers in the Real World for the Unification Church.

According to reports, police are aware that the message has been sent.

On July 8, the former prime minister was being delivered an electoral campaign speech in Nara.

The politician was rushed to hospital; however, despite doctors’ attempts at resuscitating him, he showed “no vital signs” and was soon pronounced dead.

At the crime scene, police pinned down the suspected assassin who was carrying a homemade firearm.

Yamagami later revealed to investigators that his mother’s donations to the Unification Church had seen his family go broke, with the suspect’s uncle confirming that the woman had shelled out a total of ¥100 million ($720,000).

This organization is officially called the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification. It was established in South Korea by Sun Myung Moon (a man who claimed to be a Messiah) in 1954.

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