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The management of sports is about the sport, says Dr Jay Feldman. However, the management of fitness is all about making sure that athletes are able to participate in sports. For a more hands-on part of this field fitness management professionals are also passionate about sports. However, they are also interested in managing the mechanics involved in engaging in sports and exercise. Fitness managers are personal trainers as well as group fitness instructors, Dr Jay Feldman said.

Dr Jay Feldman

Fitness managers are accountable for directing and sustaining the day-to-day operations and strategies at their facility, Dr Jay Feldman said. They operate to serve the best interests of their clients and businesses. It is their right to purchase or sell and maintain the equipment that is on-site; to requisition skilled employees, and oversee their personal trainers’ staff. Fitness managers also design employees’ schedules, come up with concepts and strategies to increase revenue, manage crises, and sometimes offer gym tours to prospective clients.

Human Resource

In certain facilities, the fitness manager’s role includes serving as the de facto human resource manager in the hiring and training of new staff when the demand arises. They also evaluate the performance of a facility and work with their team to establish objectives and goals to increase sales, maintain brand image, and deliver an enjoyable customer experience. They are usually the chief strategists and ultimate officials of fitness facilities. In light of all these obligations, those seeking a job as fitness managers typically need to learn and gain expertise in exercise management and concepts.

Essential Skills for Fitness Managers

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Fitness managers are in charge of the development of ideas as well as improving the experience for customers and maximizing the utilization of staff and facilities. They need to be able to adjust to changes in circumstances, plan plans, inspire their employees to meet their objectives, and conduct their activities in a controlled way.

At the center of their operation, a fitness manager must possess certain skills.

Skills for customer service

As front-facing representatives of the facility, fitness supervisors must have soft skills to will allow them to meet or surpass the expectations of clients.

Skills for motivation

Fitness managers need to lead and motivate groups of employees.

Skills for organizing

Fitness managers oversee the scheduling of exercise and fitness plans and maintain track of maintenance on equipment and permits.

Skills for problem-solving

Critical thinking, being flexible to changes and the ability to take responsibility are all essential for the job, says Dr Jay Feldman.

Fitness directors are responsible for the gym’s operations and programs for exercise. A fitness manager is a person in charge of fitness and health programs in an exercise center or health center. In some places, the fitness manager is a supervisor or the general administrator or manager. The primary responsibilities of this person are managing the day-to-day activities and supervising employees. People who hold this job typically have a background in sports education, physical education management as well as business management.

Fitness managers typically have previous experience in giving exercise classes.

One of the responsibilities fitness managers are responsible for is securing and training staff to work in the fitness center. The fitness manager is usually responsible for putting up open positions and conducting interviews with potential employees. Once the employee is hired, this person can also assist the employee in completing paperwork for tax and other benefits. The people who perform this position often help employees with their schedules and can end employees in the event of need. Sometimes, the person could be asked to settle conflicts between employees.

Fitness managers supervise personal trainers in the fitness center.

Many gyms heavily depend on fitness managers to promote the gym and find new customers. Sometimes, the employee will need to design or provide input on marketing materials such as brochures and fliers. Managers may develop suggestions for specials and discounts during the month. They will monitor the information to see if the procedure brought in additional income. The fitness instructor at a retreat on the beach may provide yoga and yoga sessions.


Service to customers is an essential part of the work a fitness supervisor is doing every day. The person greets clients upon entering the facility or walks around to check to see if clients require any assistance. It is the job of the person in charge to ensure that customers are pleased with the experience they have at the center and they will return. In general, managers are accountable for helping clients with billing concerns and following up on customer complaints, and observing suggestions from the center. Managers often answer questions regarding the classes and offer information regarding the services offered in the gym.


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