Lesser-Known Marketing Types You Might Want To Try

You might not know this but there are over 150 types of marketing you could use right now. Most of them are really well-known. This includes things like content marketing and influencer marketing. Others are not known and are very underestimated.

Below we will take a look at some marketing types that are not as used as they should be. You might want to seriously consider using them in your next campaigns.

Left-Brain Marketing

The idea is very simple: you target the left part of the consumer’s brain. This is important since it shifts marketing values to analytics from creativity.

Left-brain marketing intertwines with informational, technical, and analytical marketing. But the emphasis is put on motivation and emotional responses since this pushes towards desired actions. The campaign is fast-based and rational. It will only target things that are likely to influence customers so that favorable buying decisions are made.

Reverse Marketing

We all heard about reverse psychology, which relies on using negative emotional reactions and makes people choose options that the individual advocated against. For instance, promoting the idea that you should not buy something would lead to people actually wanting to buy that something.

The campaigns you create rely on what customers see as being important. Then, you offer a reason for the people to perform an action. This needs to be something really valuable, not something aggressive.

Diversity Marketing

Diversity marketing is all about catering to subgroups and groups of people that are fundamentally different. The differences that you can use can be ethnic, social, cultural, racial, and much more.

This type of marketing works really well when a service or product’s customer base is spread across different religions, age groups, professions, genders, and similar traits. The big brands can easily take advantage of this as they engage non-homogenous, large crowds.

Evangelism Marketing

This is basically an evolution of word-of-mouth. It relies on your customers to recommend your services or products. This is definitely something that sounds very hard to control. However, there are many ways in which you can do exactly that.

The trick is to establish a strong connection with your customers. You need to present the product so that they will be interested in buying it and also offer it as gifts. You have to show your customers that you value feedback. Then, your customers become committed and will support the brand.

Time Marketing

It is always very important to release products at the right time. Obviously, you will think about fashion collections since they are seasonal. But you can also use time marketing in several other cases. All you really need to make it work is proper market research.

Whenever you launch something new, ask yourself when the best time is to do just that. Also, you need to think about market demand changes and how the life cycle of other products was impacted.

As an example, cookware sells very well during the months of May and June since there are more weddings in June. Because of this, it might be a very good idea to launch the cookware line during the last days of April.

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